Thai Consulate in Mumbai

Thai EmbassyThese are the contact details for the Thai Consulate in Mumbai. The are a number of Thai Consulates in India including the Thai Embassy in New Delhi in India. You will note that there is no Thai Embassy in Mumbai only the Thai Consulate in Mumbai. They can assist Indians who live in the Mumbai area when it comes to a visa.

Thai Consulate in Mumbai

You can apply for a Thai visa at this Consulate in Mumbai as their telephone, street address and a map to the Consulate has been listed below. The are other Consulates in India as well such as the Thai Consulate in Kolkata which is also listed on this website. Note that you need to meet the requirements for the Thai visa you are applying for. This can be a retirement visa for Thailand or a marriage visa for Thailand or even a tourist visa as the visa on arrival for Indian nationals are becoming more difficult.

There has been a Thai visa crackdown this year in 2014 with Thai Immigration becoming very strict with the visa rules. The contact details for the consulate has been listed below. Note that the Thai Consulate is across the Road from the Canadian Embassy in Mumbai in Dalamal House as can be seen on the map..

Thai Consulate in Mumbai

Thai Consulate in Mumbai
Street Address:12th floor, Express Towers,Barrister Rajni Patel Marg, Nariman Point, Mumbai
Telephone:For General Inquiries:
+91 8356839882

For Consular Services and Legalisation Inquiries:
+91 9833212333

For COE and Visa Inquiries:
+91 8356839882, +91 8898563803, +91 9833212333, and +91 9821719438
Fax:(91-33) 2440 6251
Business hours:

Legalization / Attestation

If you are a Thai national and you need assistance with legalization of documents then you can call the Consulate in Mumbai. You will need to make an appointment and you will also need to ensure that all your documents are correct. The contact details for this is as follows. The appointment can be requested via: The Royal Thai Consulate-General will inform you of the appointment date/time. At the present time the fee is Rs. 1000/- per page. This is at February 2022.

Thai Visa Applications

All Thai visa applications are handled by the VFS service in Mumbai and other regions in India. The contact details for these visa processing offices are as follows:

Urmi Axis Building, Ground Floor, Behind Famous Studio, Opp. E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi (West), Mumbai – 400 011


Individual – 08:00 to 13:00 and 14:00 15:00 (Mon-Fri)

Travel Agents – 08:00 to 11:00 (Mon-Fri)

Passport Retrieval : 15:00 -17:00 (Mon-Fri)

Ground Floor, GCCI Building, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad – 380009 India.

Submission Timings:

Individual – 09:00 to 15:00 (Mon-Fri)

Passport Retrieval : 09:00 -15:00 (Mon-Fri)

Email: -

4th Floor,FCore, Marvel Edge, Viman Nagar, Pune 411014

Submission Timings:

Individual – 09:00 to 15:00 (Mon-Fri)

Passport Retrieval : 09:00 -15:00 (Mon-Fri)

Email: -

Gera Imperium 1, 3rd Floor, Office No. 301, Patto Plaza, Panjim, Goa 403001, India

Submission Timings:

Individual – 09:00 to 15:00 (Mon-Fri)

Passport Retrieval : 09:00 -15:00 (Mon-Fri)

Email: -

Thai Emergency Hotline number

If you are a Thai national and in need of urgent assistance then you can contact the Thai Consulate in Mumbai as follows:

Consul – Tel.  +91 982 029 3349

Request for a new Thai passport

If you are in India and need a new Thai passport then you will need to make an appointment with the Consulate. This will be for the application for an electronic passport. You can follow this procedure:

  • Make an appointment with the Thai Consulate General in Mumbai at 2283 3535;
  • You have to make the e-passport yourself. If you are under 20 your parents have to come with;
  • Note that to obtain a new passport or the e-passport takes about 4 to 6 business weeks;
  • The current fee is Rs. 2,500 (payable in Demand Draft on behalf of “Royal Thai Consulate-General, Mumbai”)
  • You will also need your current passport and 1 copy of your Thai ID card or house registration (Tabien Baan);

Urgent Travel Document

If you lost your passport while in India or your passport has expired. Should you wish to return to Thailand urgently you can get an emergency travel documents which is valid for 7 days. This will allow you to travel back to Thailand from India. This mainly occurs if you lost your Thai passport while on holiday in India. These are mainly for urgent matters where you will need the “Certificate of Identity” from the Consulate. It takes 5 business days to obtain this document.

If you passport has expired

  1. You need a copy of your Thai ID card / house registration / copy of the original passport;
  2. Also 3 passport-sized photographs;
  3. Also complete 2 sets of temporary passport application forms;
  4. Finally complete 2 sets of investigation records.

If you lost your passport

  1. For a lost passport it needs to be reported to the police, the case number is needed by the Consulate;
  2. You will need a copy of your Thai  ID card/Tabien Baan/copy of original passport/copy of Indian visa;
  3. Also a total of 6 passport-sized photographs;
  4. Then 2 sets of temporary passport application forms;
  5. Also 2 sets of investigation records;
  6. As well as 2 sets of documents supporting the petition in case of lost passports;
  7. Some might require proof of residence in India;
  8. Finally your air ticket booking

Register a Thai born in India

If you want to register a Thai born abroad while in India, then this has to be done by appointment and you will need all the following documents. Email the Consulate to check on this to ensure that you have all the documents correctly. These are how the process works and the documents that you will need:

  • Firstly you must make an appointment at 2282 3535.
  • Secondly you must take the child and your Thai passport to the Consulate;
  • You must have Thai nationality to register the child;
  • Finally you must also bring the birth certificate issued by the Indian government and certified by local authorities.

Parents that have registered their marriage (Legally Married)

  • Firstly you will need One passport size photograph of the child;
  • Secondly One copy (photocopy) of the birth certificate issued by the Indian government;
  • Thirdly a copy of your marriage certificate*
  • Also One copy of the parent’s Passport page;
  • Finally a copy of the Thai ID card(s) or house registration of parents.
*In the event that the marriage certificate is in a foreign language bring it to be translated and certified by the NESDB / NESDB in that country.

Parents have not registered their marriage (Unmarried)

  • You need One passport size photograph of the child;
  • Also One copy (photocopy) of the birth certificate issued by the Indian government;
  • Then One copy of the parent’s Thai Passport page;
  • Also a copy of the Thai ID card or house registration of parents;
  • Also an enquiry record form must be filled out at the Consulate General only;
  • Should the child want to use the surname of the father, the consent to use the surname from the father is also required. (The father’s side can come and fill out a consent form at the Consulate General.)
  • Finally One copy of child custody certificate or Por Kor 14 in case of unable to contact the father of the child

These are the basic documents needed to register you Thai child born in India. Always email the Consulate to check again that you have all the correct documents.

Marriage registration and divorce registration

You can register your marriage or your divorce at the Thai Consulate in Mumbai. This is where both are Thai people who married in Thailand. The other issue is where the one is Thai and the other a foreigner but registered their marriage in Thailand. This distinction is very important.
  • The application for registration of a marriage or divorce must be made  7 working days in advance;
  • You will need to provide all the supporting documents to the staff in advance.
  • Make an appointment with Consulate between 2.30-15.30 on business days and there are no fees.

Documents for marriage registration:

  • Both parties need to complete the registration request;
  • Both should have valid passports;
  • The Thai person(s) must have their Thai ID card or Tabian Baan;
  • Should one part have been divorced, you will need to have a copy of the divorce certificate;
  • There must be two witnesses on the day of marriage registration;
  • The witnesses must bring their passport and ID Card with to the Consulate;
  • A letter of freedom to marry or no-impediment must be brought by both parties. These must be certified.

Marriage registration at the Consulate in Mumbai is valid under Thai law, but not valid under Indian law.

Documents for divorce registration:

  • Both parties must complete the divorce registration request;
  • Bring with the original marriage certificate; (if in a foreign language, translated and certified by the authorities of that country)
  • Also the valid passports of both parties;
  • Your Thai ID card or house registration; (both parties)
  • Also two witnesses must be brought along who have their passport and ID cards.

These are the most common issues. Contact the Consulate if you have other issues which have not been covered. If you want to have legalisation done or the certification of documents. Then you will need to contact them for assistance as well. These can include a request for document translation certification or requesting to change the last name in your old Thai passport. See their contact details above.




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