Honorary Consulate of Thailand in Barcelona

thai embassyThese are the details and office hours for the Honorary Consulate of Thailand in Barcelona in Spain. There is the contact details as well as the street address. You can also email and contact the Thai Embassy in Spain if you cannot get your issues sorted at the Honorary Consulate.

Honorary Consulate of Thailand in Barcelona, Spain

Likewise see the details for the Embassy on the other page as well as the details for the Thai Honorary Consulate in Barcelona in Spain. Additionally you can also browse the website for more details from different countries. Likewise also see the Thai Honorary Consulate in Namibia as well.


Address: C/ d’Entença, 325, 08029 Barcelona, Spain

Phone:  +34 93 410 4294


Office Hours:

Monday to Friday: 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
– Closed on weekends and public holidays


Services Offered:

The Honorary Consulate of Thailand in Barcelona provides a range of consular services, including but not limited to:


1. Assistance to Thai Citizens:

– Emergency assistance (e.g., in cases of accidents, serious illness, or death)
– Notarial services, such as authentication of documents
– Assistance with passport renewal and replacement
– Support for Thai nationals in legal trouble
– Guidance on local laws and regulations


2. Visa Services:

– Processing of visa applications for travel to Thailand (tourist visas, business visas, etc.)
– Providing information about visa requirements and the application process


3. Travel and Tourism Information:

– Providing information and resources for individuals planning to travel to Thailand
– Promoting tourism and cultural exchange between Thailand and Spain


4. Trade and Economic Relations:

– Facilitating business connections and trade relations between Thailand and the local region
– Assisting Thai businesses looking to operate in Spain


5. Cultural and Educational Exchanges:

– Promoting Thai culture through events and activities
– Supporting educational exchanges and cooperation between Thai and Spanish institutions


6. Consular Reports and Certificates:

– Issuing consular reports of birth, marriage, and death abroad
– Providing certificates of residence and other official documents


7. General Inquiries:

– Addressing general questions about Thailand, including travel advisories, legal information, and more


It is advisable to contact the consulate directly via phone or email to confirm office hours and specific service availability, as these can sometimes vary or require appointments.