Thai National ID Card

Thai EmbassyIf you are living abroad with your Thai wife then she might need a new Thai ID card again. The Thai Embassies vary in what they want or what they charge. Most do not charge for a new ID card unless it was lost or stolen. The following are the basics for the replacement of the ID card of your wife. Always call the Thai embassy in your area before you apply for the ID card as it has to be done in person unlike a birth registration abroad.

Thai National ID Card

The following are the basic rules for a new Thai ID card. Note that you can apply for a new Thai ID card if it has expired, damaged, lost or details such as a surname change has occurred.  These are the basics:

  • 1. The original Thai ID card if it is not lost;
  • 2. Proof of residency where you are located;
  • 3. Expired card (Normally no charge)
  • 4. Damaged card (Normally changed as it needs to be investigated)

Contact the Thai Embassy in your area and ask them for an appointment to apply for a new ID card. See also the Thai Marriage Visa and the Thai Consulate in New South Wales. Likewise see the Thai Immigration Forms on here.



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