Indian: Letter of Affirmation

Thai EmbassyIf you are getting married in Thailand as an Indian national then the Indian Embassy in Thailand will only issue you with a ‘Letter of Affirmation’ if you have a Thai Educational Visa or a Thai Work Permit. These are the current requirements from the Embassy so check with them for any new changes to their system.

Note that the documents needed by the Indian Embassy in Bangkok for your marriage registration would consist of the following documents which you need to present to the Embassy:

  • 1.       You must provide a “Bachelorhood Affidavit from Competent Courts in India” ;
  • 2.       Copy and original Thai work permit; (if applicable or);
  • 3.       Copy and Original of your Thai Educational Visa (if applicable);
  • 4.       Original Indian passport with your Thai visa in.

The “Bachelorhood Affidavit from Competent Courts in India” you will have to get from the Indian Government Foreign Affairs Department on the Ground Floor, Patiala House (Ground Floor), Tilak Marg, New Delhi, India.

Once you have all the documents for the Embassy you will need to go there in person and the costs is about 500THB for the affidavit from the Embassy. It normally takes the Indian Embassy in Bangkok about 3 business days to issue you with the affidavit which you will then have to have translated into Thai and then have the documents certified and authenticated by the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok.

The Thai Foreign Affairs normally takes a day to complete the authentication of the documents which you will then have to take to the Amphurs Offices or District Office in the area where they will check the documents and then issue you with a Thai Marriage Certificate. Note that getting married in Thailand does not affect your Thai Work Permit or your Thai Education Visa status. Should you however find new work then you can use a Thai Marriage Visa for the work permit application. The following documents you will also need at the District Office and all of them had to have been translated into Thai and have been authenticated.

  • 1.       Your passport;
  • 2.       Your fiancée’s Tabian Baan;
  • 3.       Your fiancée’s Thai ID card;
  • 4.       Your divorce decree; (if applicable)
  • 5.       Your death certificate of your late spouse; (if applicable)
  • 6.       Birth certificates of any children you have together; (if applicable)
  • 7.       Prenuptial Agreement. (if applicable)
  • 8.       Certified and Verified ‘Bachelorhood Affidavit from Competent Courts in India”
  • 9.       Certified and Verified Embassy Affidavit

If you have any questions then speak to a lawyer in Thailand for more assistance or contact the Indian Embassy for more information and guidance in this regard.

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