Honorary Consulate of Thailand in Munich

The Honorary Consulate of Thailand in Munich, Germany, serves as a representative office of Thailand in the region, offering a range of consular services to Thai citizens and foreign nationals. Here are the details and services provided below and you can also see the Thai Embassy in Germany details which I have added to this website.

Honorary Consulate of Thailand in Munich

These are the details of the Honorary Consulate of Thailand in Munich, Germany.

Address and Contact Information:

Address: Sonnenstraße 7, 80331 Munich, Germany
Phone: +49 89 2323 4830

Office Hours:

– Typically, honorary consulates have limited office hours compared to full embassies or consulates general. It’s recommended to call ahead to confirm the current office hours and make an appointment if needed.


Services Provided:


1. Assistance to Thai Citizens:

  • Passport Services:  Renewal of Thai passports, issuing temporary travel documents.
  • Legal and Notarial Services: Certification of documents, legalizations, and notarizations.
  • Emergency Assistance: Support in emergencies such as accidents, illnesses, or legal issues.
  • Registration Services: Registering births, deaths, marriages, and other vital records for Thai citizens abroad.


2. Visa Services:

  • Tourist Visas: Processing of visa applications for travelers planning to visit Thailand for tourism.
  • Non-Immigrant Visas: Issuance of visas for business, education, work, or other purposes.
  • Transit Visas: For travelers passing through Thailand to another destination.


3. Promoting Bilateral Relations:

  • Cultural Promotion: Organizing or supporting cultural events to promote Thai culture.
  • Trade and Investment: Assisting in fostering trade and investment between Thailand and the host country.
  • Tourism Promotion: Providing information and support to promote tourism in Thailand.


4. Public Services:

  • Information Services: Offering information on traveling to Thailand, including travel advisories and entry requirements.
  • Community Services: Supporting the local Thai community with various activities and resources.


Additional Notes:


  • Appointment Required: It’s often necessary to schedule an appointment for consular services to ensure availability and avoid long wait times.
  • Language: Services are typically available in both Thai and German, and often in English as well.
  • Fees: There are fees associated with most consular services, such as visa processing, passport renewal, and document certification.


For specific details regarding services, fees, and required documents, it’s advisable to contact the consulate directly via phone or visit their official website if available. This ensures you have the most accurate and up-to-date information.