Thai Consulate in Karachi

Thai EmbassyThese are the details of the Thai Consulate in Karachi. If you live in the Karachi area of Pakistan then you can apply for a Thai visa at this Consulate. Note that there is also a Thai Embassy in Islamabad in Pakistan. You can apply for a tourist visa or Thai marriage visa if you are married to a Thai national. The contact details for the Thai Consulate in Karachi has been listed below with their contact details such as a map, telephone numbers and also their email address.

Thai Consulate in Karachi

Note the visa submission times as well as the visa collection times at the Consulate in Karachi. If you are working in Pakistan as a Thai national then you can also register a birth at the Consulate as well as register a local marriage while in the country.

Thai Consulate in Karachi

Thai Consulate in Karachi
Street Address:151, Main Khayaban -e- Hafiz, Phase-VI, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Pakistan
Telephone: (92-21) 3585 5405 - 6 (Visa Section #102)
Fax:(92-21) 3585 5404
Business hours:Visa Submission 8.30 - 10.30
Visa Delivery 11.00 - 12.00

Thai Consulate in Karachi

Tourist Visa

If you are in Karachi and wish to visit Thailand, you can now apply for a tourist visa at the Thai Consulate in Karachi. There is a process for the visa application and you can see below what is required from the Consulate if you wish to visit Thailand. Firstly you will need to ensure that your Pakistani passport has at least 6 months left in it validity. You will need the following:

Tourist Visa Requirements:

  • Passport with validity no less than 6 months;
  • Any previous passports you have had;
  • 2 X completed visa application forms;
  • 2 X recent (4 x 6 cm.) photographs of you the applicant;
  • Your covering letter with your name, passport number, purpose of visit, date of travel, and other information;
  • Letter from your employer with a no objection to your travel; (Not government or international organizations)
  • If it is a family then certified government documents to show the relationships such as marriage and birth certificates;
  • Copy of your CNIC card;
  • Also a copy of your passport (only for the page with information of passport holder and signature);
  • Copy of your passport, for the page with the visa;
  • Show a confirmed and non-refundable air ticket showing all destinations;
  • Also show the documents relating to your accommodation;
  • Your original bank statement covering at least half year;
  • Also a certified covering letter from the bank. (Rs. 200,000 per person);
  • Then again documents showing the trust worthy of the applicant;
  • Finally all other relevant supporting documents.

As you can see that obtaining a Thai visa in Pakistan can be very difficult. The are many rules and regulations when you wish to visit Thailand even as a family. Many have done this process before and the staff at the Consulate in Karachi are very helpful by all accounts. You can also see the Thai Embassy in Islamabad for additional information.

Non immigrant Visa

There are a number of non-immigrant visas for Thailand. These can range from receiving medical treatment as well as those who are married to a Thai national as well as those who are moving with their husband or wife who works in Thailand as an expat Pakistani. The application forms are the same however their documents needed are very differently.

Non immigrant Visa Requirements:

[These are the same as for the tourist visa for Thailand]

Thai Spouse Visa or Thai Accompanying Family Member

  • Invitation letter from your Thai spouse or foreigner worker in Thailand;
  • Show the inviter’s name, Thai national ID number, purpose of inviting, contact information;
  • Also a copy of Thai national’s ID card or the foreign worker’s ID card and passport;
  • Also certified official documents showing relationship of the Thai national or foreign worker and the applicant;
  • Copy of household registration (Tabian Baan) or accommodation of the foreign worker;
  • Copy of bank statement of the Thai national or foreign worker;
  • Letter from the organization own by/employing the Thai national/ foreign worker

Medical Visa (usually 2 months)

  • Medical condition and treatment record from a local hospital;
  • Invitation letter from a hospital in Thailand, mentioning: name and passport number, the purpose of visit.

These are the three most common applications outside of the tourist visa for Thailand. The Thai Consulate in Karachi might have more requests for more information. This is the very basic overview of the issues when obtaining a visa for Thailand.

Requesting a new Thai passport

If you live in Pakistan as a Thai and you need a new passport then you can apply for an electronic passport. You will need to make an appointment with the Consulate and then apply for the new passport. You will need to have your:

  • Current Passport
  • Thai ID Card

They will take the photos and fingerprint electronically at the Consulate. They will tell you when you passport will be available. If it is urgent then they Consulate can issue you with an emergency travel document. Speak to the Consulate for more information in this regard. If you lost your passport then you must report this to the police. It then has to be translated and certified. This can be done at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Greece or Malta. You will need some form of identification such as a copy of the lost passport, your Thai ID card or your house registration book.


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