Thai Embassy in Beijing

Thai EmbassyIf you are in Beijing China then you will find the Thai Embassy in Beijing listed below. There are also a number of Thai Consulates in China and we have listed all of them here. Note that there is a visa section for the application of a Thai visa which is also listed below. We have added maps and a map to the Embassy as well as their email, telephone number and their fax numbers to the listing.

Thai Embassy in Beijing

There are a number of options when visiting Thailand. If you do not have a visa you will been to show 20,000THB at the airport in Bangkok Thailand with a confirmed round trip airline ticket for 15 days later. You can hover apply for a Thai visa in China at the Embassy as listed below or contact any of the Thai Consulates in China. If you are married to a Thai national then you have the option of a 3 month marriage visa or you may visit Thailand on a 2 month tourist visa which can be extended in Thailand at Thai Immigration for a service fee of 1,900THB for another 30 days.

Thai Embassy in Beijing

Thai Embassy in Beijing
Street Address:No. 21 Guanghua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing Postal Code: 100600
Telephone:(86-10) 8531-8700
Fax:(86-10) 8531-8714

Thai Consular Section

Royal Thai Embassy in Beijing

Thai Embassy in Beijing
Street Address:21 Guang Hua Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100600 PRC
Telephone:(86-10) 8531-8768 (For VISA inquiries)
Fax:(86-10) 8531-8737
Office Hours:Submit Application/Collect Passport:
Monday and Thursday 9.00 - 11.00 hrs
Tha ConsularSubmit Application/Collect Passport:
Monday and Thursday 9.00 - 11.00 hrs
Thai citizen, please call 86 – 10) 8531 – 8769 for an appointment

Visa Applications
Monday - Friday 15.00 - 16.00 hrs.


Tourist Visa (TR)

The requested documents for your Thai tourist visa from China. This is done online at


  • Please upload your picture holding the information page of your passport on the Thai E-VISA website.
  • Additionally, a Declaration Form signed by the applicant (which can be downloaded during the online application process) is required.
  • In the case of a residence permit in China, such as an ID card, non-Chinese nationals must also submit a valid residence permit. Along with the residence permit, a Guarantee Letter (in English) from the local guarantor or academic institution is necessary. This letter should indicate the applicant’s identity, purpose of travel, and duration of stay in Thailand.
  • Moreover, financial evidence is required. This can include bank statements (with a balance of not less than 10,000 RMB/applicant), proof of earnings, or a sponsorship letter.
  • Additionally, proof of accommodation for the entire period of stay in Thailand is necessary. This can be in the form of an accommodation confirmation, along with an accommodation receipt that shows the applicant’s information. Alternatively, invitation letters from family or friends in Thailand, signed by the invitor, can be provided. These letters should be accompanied by a copy of the invitor’s ID card, passport, or household registration booklet, as well as a certificate of property ownership. It is important to note that non-confirmed accommodation may result in visa rejection.
  • Furthermore, it is required to provide an air ticket for the outbound trip from China to Thailand and the return trip from Thailand or to the third country. These tickets should be paid for and confirmed with the airline. Failure to provide confirmed tickets may result in the Embassy’s right to reject your visa application.
  • Lastly, please provide a travel itinerary that covers the entire stay in Thailand.




Long stay (1 year for foreigners age over 50)

  • Additionally, a Declaration Form signed by the applicant (which can be downloaded during the online application process) is required.
  • Medical certificate issued by hospital in China with no prohibitive diseases (Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Elephantiasis, Drug Addiction, 3rd Step of Syphilis) *certificate must be translated in Thai or English and certified by the authority with a validity not more than three months
  • Financial evidence: bank deposit guarantee (balance not less than 180,000 RMB for at least 12 months) or certification of income not less than 18,000 RMB per month
  • Certificate of criminal record clearance (from the country of residence) translated into Thai or English and certified by concerned authorities
  • Proof of accommodation for the whole period of stay in Thailand, e.g. Accommodation bookings showing applicant’s name or invitation letters from family/friends in Thailand signed by the inviter together with invitor’s copy of ID card or passport.
  • Residence permit in China, e.g. ID card. ** For non-Chinese national, please submit a valid residence permit along with Guarantee Letter (in English) from the local guarantor or academic institution indicating the applicant’s identity, purpose of travel and duration of stay in Thailand.
  • Medical insurance covering period of 12 months ,medical claims must not be less than 100,000 dollars or 3,000,000 Thai baht. ** Please download overseas insurance certificate from and fill
  • Biography in English or Thai


Provide an air ticket from China to Thailand that has been paid and confirmed with the airline (if the ticket is not confirmed, the Embassy reserves the right to reject your visa application.)



Applying for a Thai ID Card

If you have lost your ID card or it has become damaged you can apply for a new ID card at the Embassy. You can also allpy for a new ID card if you have changed your surname or the photo needs to be updated. You will need the following:

  • Complete the application form;
  • Have your original Thai ID card;
  • Also a copy of your Tabian Baan (house registration)
  • Also your Thai passport (original)

The cost for this is as at May 2023 being 25 Yuan ( Alipay cash payment ) 

In the case of issuing a new ID card abroad This can be done only for those who have made an ID card only. For those who still Never made a card before It is not possible to apply for an ID card abroad. If you want to make a card, you must come and apply for a card in Thailand.


Applying for a Thai Passport


If you are apply for a Thai passport while in China, you will need the following documents. Note that if you lost your passport while in China you will need to report the lost passport to the local chinese police. They will give you a case number so you can show this at the Embassy that the passport has been lost or stolen. The following documents are needed:
  • Application form that has been completed;
  • The original passport if it has not been stolen;
  • Your original Thai ID card that has not expired or canceled;
  • Also a copy of yout Tabian Baan (house registration) if available;
  • A copy of your name change certificate if the name does not match the evidence;
  • Your marriage or divorce certificate if the name on the passport does not match your name.
The application process as well as the documents needed are the same when you need an emergency travel document. You might be in China on holiday and cannot wait for a new passport. The emergency travel document will allow you to leave China for Thailand much sooner.
If you lost your passport. Report this to the local police. Take the notification receipt to the immigration office of the locality where you enter China. The Immigration Department will confirm your entry by issuing a notification voucher. Take this with you to the Embassy or Consulate. A notification (Confirmation of Reporting the Loss of Passport) is issued by the Immigration Office in the area where the passport was lost. (documents issued from the police station are not valid)
Individual passports that are not over 5 years old, the fee is 350.- RMB.

Individual passports that are not over 10 years old, the fee is 500.- RMB.


Register a Thai birth while in China


If you have given birth while in China, then you must register the child born in China at the Thai Embassy. There are the two options, where you are Thai/Thai couple or a Thai/Foreigner couple. See the process to register a thai born in China at the Thai Embassy in China. These are the current rules for this.
  • Complete the birth registration request form at the Embassy and sign it there; (form)
  • There needs to be a record of the mother and/or father ‘s testimony signed at the Embassy; (mother) + (father)
  • Complete the registration form at the Embassy; (download)
  • Your original Thai passport;
  • Also yout thai ID card;
  • Copy of the Tabian Baan
  • Also One colour photo child, mother and father together and 2 photos mother and child only.
  • Thai marriage registration certificate and a copy
  • Birth certificate issued by the hospital (Original and copy)
Note that the photos must show the child face and the faces of the mother and father. All the forms must be signed at the Embassy in-front of the Embassy officers. Wait until you get to the Embassy to sign the forms. The birth certificate needs to be translated and certified at a notary public before the Embassy will accept this.
If the marriage was completed elsewhere and not in Thailand, then you will need a translated and certified marriage certificate. Note that if it is a male child, you will need to acknowledge that the child must comply with the Military Service Act ans enlist in the military at the age of 20. If you want to add your child’s name to your Tabian Baan then this has to be done in Thailand personally. They cannot do this from the Thai Embassy in China.

Marriage registration application


If you are going to get married and register your marriage then you will need the documents listed below. Note that you need to be old enough to get married. If you are younger than 17 years old then you cannot get married. In the event that you are 17-19 years old then your parents or guardians will need to consent.

You can see on the marriage registration form that there is a place for parents or guardians to sign. Those who are aged 20 years or older can get married on their own. This is the process:

  • Complete the marriage registration form and sign in-front of the officials; (download)
  • Complete the registration services form; (download)
  • Your original passport;
  • Also your original Thai ID card;
  • Your Tabian Baan;
  • Name change certificate if there was a name change;
  • Letter of no-impediment (shows that you are single)
  • If divorced you need to have been divoceed for more than 310 days;
  • Child’s birth certificates if you have children;
  • Copy of Thai ID card of your parents;
  • Two witnesses with their ID cards and Tabian Baan if they are Thai.

The are the basic rules when getting married and registering your marriage at the Thai Embassy.


Marriage registration notes


If you are going to marry a Chinese nationals then they will need to produce their passport and/or drivers license, both original and copy. There is also a need for a 1-inch photograph as wekk as a single certificate or what they call the bachelor’s certificate which needs to be translated and certified by a public notary.

If the person is not Chinese then their passport, the letter of no-impediment which has been translated and certified. Also a medical certificate that you are not pregnant, proof of income as well as a salary slip, tax payment certificate as well as a 1-inch photo.



Thai Consulates in China:

There is the Thai Consulate in Shanghai as well as the Thai Consulate in Guangzhou and the Thai Consulate in Kunming. Secondly there is also the Thai Consulate in Chengdu as well as the Thai Consulate in Xi’an and the Thai Consulate in Xiamen. Finally there is also the Thai Consulate in Nanning as an example.



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