Thai Consulate in Chengdu

Thai EmbassyIf you are in Beijing then you can contact the Thai Embassy in Beijing for a Thai visa. When in Chengdu you can contact the Thai Consulate in Chengdu for assistance with your Thai visa. All the contact details such as telephone number and email addresses are listed below. You can speak to them about what the requirements are for your Thai visa.

Thai Consulate in Chengdu

We have made a note at the bottom of the page about the visa on arrival for Chinese citizens in Thailand as well as a note on the visa on arrival for Indian nationals who arrive in Thailand without a visa. The visa waiver is different for each nationality. Note that the Thai Embassy in Beijing is also listed here as well as other Consulates such as the Thai Consulate in Xiamen which is also listed on here.

Thai Consulate in Chengdu

Thai Consulate in Chengdu
Street Address:12F, Building C, Fund International Plaza, No.6, Hangkong Rd., Chengdu
Telephone:(+8628) - 6689 - 7861 Thai press 3 ext. 1 ext. 8016-8019
Fax:(+8628) - 6689 - 7863
Email:Consular Section :
Passport :
Legalization :
Business hours:Visa service : Monday - Friday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM.

Passport collection : Monday-Friday time 15.30-16.30

Tourist Visa for Thailand

If you are going to apply for a tourist visa for Thailand from China then you will need the following documents. The Thai tourist visa is the most common visa issued in Chian for Thailand. You will need to complete the following forms for this. Ensure that you have all the documentation before you submit them.

  • You Chinese passport with a validity of no less than 6 months;
  • Include a photocopy of your passport;
  • Your completed visa application form in English;
  • One 2-inch recent photo;
  • Fully paid and confirmed roundtrip ticket;
  • Also a fully paid for an confirmed hotel ticket with your name on it;
  • If you are a foreigner then a copy of your Chinese residence permit;
  • Also proof of your current bank statement with minimum balance of 10,000 RMB
  • Finally you will need a guarantee letter in English from your local guarantor.

Your local guarantor will need to give you a letter stating their their name, position as well as travel dates and your duration of stay in Thailand. They also have to guarantee that you will come back to China as scheduled. This needs to be an original letter with the seal and signature. This is for a school teacher.

If you work for a company then a guarantee letter, as well as a photocopy of the business license as well as a copy of the legal representative’s identification document. Note that all the documents must be attached with company’s seal and signed by the legal representative. Now if you are self employed, retired or unemployed you will need a letter issued by the Sub-District Office or the local police station.

Apply for a new Thai passport

If you passport is going to expire you will need to contact the Consulate for an appointment to apply for a new Thai passport. You will need the following documents for this. Note also that the cost is different for each type of passport. The longer the passport validity the more it will cost. The passport with 5 years 350 yuan and the 10 year one is 500 yuan.

   – Your Passport; (original)
   – Thai ID card; (original copy)
   – Your Tabian Baan or name change certificate (In case the name does not match with the evidence)
   – Your marriage/divorce certificate (if any)

This is for an expired passport or a passport that is going to expire. If you lost your passport you will need to report the loss to the local police. They need to provide you with a case number to show that it has been reported. This needs to be taken to the Consulate.

If you lost your passport. Report this to the local police. Take the notification receipt to the immigration office of the locality where you entered China. The Immigration Department will confirm your entry by issuing a notification voucher. Take this with you to the Embassy or Consulate.

Register a Birth

If you gave birth while in China you will need to register the child at the Thai Consulate. You will need the following documents as well as photos of the child, yourself with the child. Finally photos of the child with you and the father. You must be able to see the faces clearly. Email or call the Consulate to make an appointment and check gain that you have all the documents. These are the basic documents:

  1. The application form for birth registration; (request form )
  2. The mother’s testimony record; (The registrar at the Consulate will record it as evidence)    
  3. Your Thai passport; (original)
  4. Your Thai ID Card; 
  5. Original Tabian Baan or house registration;
  6. One color photograph (taken together with 3 people, father, mother and child, or 2 photos of mother and child in the absence of father),no size limitation, but the face should be clearly visible.
  7. Your Thai marriage certificate, if you are a married couple;   
  8. The child’s birth certificate if the farther has certified the child.
  9. The original birth certificate issued by the hospital. Translated and certified by a public notary.
  10. The passport or the driving license of the other parent.

These are the basic steps to register a Thai born abroad. The process takes about one hour to complete at the Consulate.

Marriage registration between Thai people

If you are going to register your marriage at the Consulate then you must make an appointment for this. This is for two Thai people getting married. Email or call the Consulate to make the appointment. You will need the following documents when registering your marriage while in China as Thai nationals.

  • Complete the applications form in person and sign at the Consulate;
  • Record the investigation; (Can be obtained at the Consulate General)
  • The Marriage registration application; (Can be obtained at the Consulate General)
  • One 1-inch color photograph;
  • Your Thai ID cards;
  • The original Tabian Baan;
  • Your Thai passports;
  • A single certificate issued by a Thai district for not more than 3 months;

If you are divorced then the divorce certificate must be produced. (In the case of a Thai woman and divorced less than 310 days, must have a medical certificate stating that they are not pregnant). Also bring two witnesses with their passports or ID cards. The process takes about 30 minutes.

Marriage between Thai and Chinese people

If it is a Thai and a Chinese couple then the process is almost the same as a Thai couple. You will need to make an appointment at the Consulate in Chengdu for this. You can get a lawyer to assist you.

  • Completed application form for marriage registration; ( at the Consulate General)
  • Original Thai ID card;
  • The original Tabian Baan; 
  • Your Thai passport;
  • Certified Letter of Freedom to Marry issued by the Thai district for not more than 3 months*;
  • (*certified by the Nationality and Legal Affairs Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand.)
  • Divorce certificate (where applicable.)*
  • (*certified by the Nationality and Legal Affairs Division Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand)
  • The Chinese national with the original passport and a copy of drivers license front and back copy.
  • Also a One inch photo
  • Certified Letter of Freedom to Marry from the Chinese government.

Contact the Consulate as they will be able to assist you as a Thai national with the Freedom to Marry letter. Also bring two witnesses with the ID card or passports.

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