Thai Consulate in Jeddah

Thai EmbassyThis is the details of the Thai Consulate in Jeddah. If you are working in Thailand or on holiday then you can seek assistance at the Thai Embassy in Jeddah. If you are a foreigner then you can speak to the Thai Consulate in Jeddah about a Thai visa for you and your family. You have a number of visa options available to you for Thailand. Note that the Thai Embassy in Saudi Arabia is located in Riyadh the capital city.

Thai Consulate in Jeddah

The contact details and a map to the Thai Consulate in Jeddah has been listed below with their telephone number as well as their email and office hours in Saudi Arabia. You can see the location on the Google map as well. Note the office hours as well as the telephone numbers and email address. You can also find more information of the Thai retirement visa as well as the marriage visa for Thailand on this website.

Thai Consulate in Jeddah

Thai Consulate in Jeddah
Street Address: 2 Safwan Ibn Wahab Street (92), Falestine Street, Sharafia Dist.3, Jeddah
Postal Address:P.O. Box 2224, Jeddah 21451
Telephone:Tel: 012-665-5317 extension 100 (Visa)
Tel: 012-665-5317 extension 123 (Passport)
Tel:012-665-5317 extension 121 (Civil Registration)
Tel: 012-665-5317 extension 123 (ID Card)
Tel: 012-665-5317 extension 0 (Other)
Fax:Fax. (966-12) 284-4074
Business hours: 09.00 hrs. - 16.00 hrs. (Lunch break / Break: 12.30 – 13.30 hrs.)
Consular hours:09.00 hrs. – 12.00 hrs. (Sunday - Thursday)

Thai Consulate in Jeddah

Passport Application for Thai (e-passport)

Firstly you can apply for the electronic passport as a Thai in Jeddah. You will need to make an appointment with the Thai Consulate in Jeddah. You will need the following while there and they will need you biometric data at the Thai Consulate. Finally you will need to email them and ask them for assistance as well as check what they will need.

  • Your Thai ID card with 13 digits;
  • Your house registration with a 13-digit number;
  • Also your current passport;
  • Meet the staff to measure the height, take the photo and collect fingerprints with a scanner
  • Sign the passport application form;
  • Also payment of fees;
  • 130 riyals per book and is valid for 5 years (February 2022)

You will need to wait 6 weeks after the date of application when done from overseas. Inside Thailand it will take 2 days in country. Check the cost as well as the passport application procedures.

Apply to register a Thai born in Saudi Arabia

If you have given birth in Saudi Arabia then you will need to register your child if you are in Jeddah. You will need these documents when registering a Thai child born abroad. You will need to following documents while in Jeddah.

  • Your passport as well as the ones from the father or mother, or Thai ID card;
  • Have 1 photo of the child. Certain Consulates also want a photo of the mother, father and child together;
  • Copy of the birth certificate of the Saudi authorities or a notification from the hospital;
  • Parents’ marriage certificate.

These are the basic requirements. The process does take a while so you will need to be patient.

Certification of translation of documents 

If you want to have documents certified and translated then you will need to make an appointment with the Thai Consulate in Jeddah to have this done. There is a cost for this service just like all other Embassies.

  1. Make an appointment for legalization;
  2. Have a copy of your passport;
  3. The original document to be translated;
  4. Translation of documents which the translator signs and certifies the translation;

At present in February 2022 the cost at the Consulate is 80 riyals per document. Check to see how many pages your document has as it might become a bit costly. Most tend to be small one to two page documents.

Applying for a Thai identity card (Only if you already have a card)

If you are going to apply for a Thai ID card at the Consulate then consider what is needed. Note that you must already have a Thai ID card to have this done. Many Thai people do this when the card is going to expire or has been damaged. There is no fee if the card is about to expire. All other requests there will be a replace fee.

  1. Apply for the Thai identity card;
  2. An original ID card that is expired or damaged or is still valid + Copy;
  3. Passport that has not expired or driving license issued by Thai authorities + Copy;
  4. Saudi Arabian Identity Card (Residence Identity Card / Iqama) + Copy;
  5. Certificate of name change+ Copy;
  6. Original house registration + Copy;
  7. Marriage certificate-divorce certificate + Copy.

This is what you will need to contact the Royal Thai Consulate-General in Jeddah for consular assistance to have your Thai ID card replaced.



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