Register Birth Abroad

Thai EmbassyRegister Birth Abroad as a Thai. If you are married to a Thai and live abroad then you can register the birth of your child abroad. This is important as the child will get Thai citizenship while still abroad. The Thai Embassies require the following documents in order to register a Thai born abroad. Each Thai embassy will have their own procedures however these are the basics for the registration of a birth. See also the Royal Thai Embassy in the Netherlands.

Register Birth Abroad

The birth registration documents are listed as follows:

  • 1. You need a birth certificate issued by the government where the child has been born. As an example if you child was born in Canada then you need a birth certificate issued by the Vital Statistics of Canada.
  • 2. The birth certificate needs to show both parents names;
  • 3. Photocopy of the Thai parents National ID Card;
  • 4. Copy of the marriage certificate of the parents;
  • 5. Copy of Thai parents house registration documents as the child gets added to it;
  • 6. Application form;
  • 7. You need to also complete a Legalization Form at the Embassy.

These are the documents needed. You do not need to go to the Embassy in person as most Thai Embassies will do this for you via the local mail. See which embassy you are close to and email them to provide you with a ‘Birth registration Application form” as well as a “Legalization form” for the process. See also the Thai National ID Card as well as the Thai Embassy in Beijing.



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