Thai Embassy in Myanmar

Thai EmbassyThis is the Thai Embassy in Myanmar. Burma or Myanmar, the Thai embassy is located in Yangon the capital city. Speak to the embassy staff about visas to Thailand or about trade relations between Myanmar and Thailand. The cross border trade has seen an increase over the past few years and Myanmar is set to become the new growth point for Asia. The contact details and map is listed below for the Thai embassy in Burma.

Thai Embassy in Myanmar

The Thai Embassy in Myanmar, located in Yangon, is the official representation of the Thai government in Myanmar. The embassy serves as a crucial link between the two countries. Likewise promoting political, economic, and cultural ties. Moreover it also provides consular services to Thai citizens residing in Myanmar. Additionally they issue visas to Myanmar nationals wishing to travel to Thailand. Lastly they also handle diplomatic matters between the two governments.

The embassy is housed in a beautiful and spacious building located in the heart of Yangon. Additionally reflecting the traditional Thai architectural style. The embassy staff comprises diplomats, administrative personnel, and support staff who work together to ensure the smooth functioning of the embassy and provide prompt and efficient services to visitors.

One of the essential functions of the Thai Embassy in Myanmar is to promote trade and investment between the two countries. The embassy plays an active role in organizing trade missions, business forums, and other events that bring together Thai and Myanmar entrepreneurs and investors. It also provides information and assistance to Thai companies interested in doing business in Myanmar and vice versa.

Another critical aspect of the embassy’s work is to provide assistance to Thai citizens living in or visiting Myanmar. The embassy provides consular services such as issuing passports, registering births, deaths, and marriages, and providing emergency assistance to Thai nationals in distress. Likewise see also the Thai Embassy Jordan. Likewise also see the Royal Thai Embassy in Switzerland on this website.


Royal Thai Embassy Myanmar

Thai Embassy in Myanmar


Thai Embassy in Myanmar
No. 94, Pyay Road, Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanma
Tel : (951) 226 721, 226 728, 226 824
Fax : (951) 221 713
Email :



Thai Visa Application


If you’re planning to visit Thailand for tourism purposes, you need to apply for a specific type of visa. The visa requirements and processing fee for a Thailand tourist visa are outlined below.

Firstly, you will need a passport or travel document with a validity of at least 6 months. Additionally, you’ll need to complete and sign a visa application form and submit a recent 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm photograph of yourself.

To support your application, you’ll also need to provide evidence of your travel to and from Thailand, such as an air ticket receipt paid in full. Additionally, you’ll need to show that you have sufficient funds for your stay in Thailand. The proof of finance required is at least $1,000 USD per person or $2,000 USD per family for a minimum of 3 months from the date of opening. You’ll also need to provide proof of accommodation for your entire stay in Thailand.

The consular officer may request additional documents if deemed necessary. The processing fee for a single entry tourist visa is $40 USD, while a multiple entry visa costs $200 USD. The validity of the visa is 3 months, and you can choose between a single or multiple entries.

Upon arrival, you’ll be allowed to stay in Thailand for a maximum of 60 days. If you want to stay longer or change your visa type, you’ll need to apply for permission at the Office of Immigration Bureau in Bangkok. The extension of stay or change of visa type is solely at the discretion of the immigration officer.



Thai Passport


Applying for a new passport at the embassy is a straightforward process, as long as you meet the requirements. Those who wish to replace an old passport with less than six months of remaining validity can apply for a new passport at the embassy by bringing the following documents to show: the original passport, ID card, copy of house registration, two 2-inch photographs, name change certificate (if any), and a fee of USD 35.

Once you have all the required documents, the consular officer will fill out the necessary information, take your fingerprints, and take a photo of you to record in the computer system. This information will be sent back to Thailand to make a passport book. The process of making a new passport will take approximately 3-4 weeks, and you will receive the new passport once it is ready.

In summary, if you need to apply for a new passport at the embassy, make sure to bring all the necessary documents, pay the required fee, and be prepared to have your information recorded in the computer system. With these simple steps, you can obtain a new passport in just a few weeks and be ready for your next journey. See also the Royal Thai Embassy in Canada as well as the Royal Thai Embassy in Chile.



Lost Passport


Losing your passport can be a stressful situation, but there are steps you can take to resolve the issue quickly. Firstly, it is important to report the loss of your passport to the police station as soon as possible. This should be accompanied by a request for a notification indicating your name and passport number translated into English. You should also bring the translation notice and evidence of your identity (issued by the Thai authorities) to contact the consular officer to apply for a new passport. Alternatively, you can make an identity card (CI) to travel back to Thailand.

To prevent the loss of your passport, there are a few recommendations you should follow. Firstly, keep a copy of your passport and the pages of the passport that have a separate visa from the original passport. Secondly, always check the validity of your passport, and make sure it does not expire in less than six months. Thirdly, do not leave your passport in the possession of others. Finally, make an appointment with a consular officer in advance for speedier service.


Passport Validity


It is important to note that a passport is valid for five years and cannot be renewed. You must make a new book only, and passport pages cannot be added. If you can present all the necessary documents, it will take about 30-45 minutes to issue an Identity Card (CI), which is a document for traveling back to Thailand immediately. However, getting a new passport will take about 3-4 weeks.

Note that losing your passport can be a challenging experience. However following these recommendations and taking the necessary steps will help you resolve the situation as quickly as possible. See also the Thai Embassy in Vietnam and the Thai Consulate Ho Chi Minh.



Marriage Registration


If you are looking to register your marriage abroad, you can do so by contacting the consular officers along with your spouse, witnesses, and relevant documents. The consular officer will then verify the qualifications of both spouses in accordance with the Thai Civil and Commercial Code before registering the marriage. There are two cases to consider when registering your marriage abroad: marriage registration with Thai people or with other foreigners, and marriage registration with Myanmar nationals.

In the case of marriage registration with Thai people or with other foreigners, both spouses must present their ID card or passport, certificate of celibacy, consent documents from parents in the case of minors, and other related documents. The consular officer will verify that all documents and qualifications comply with the Civil and Commercial Code of Thailand before registering the marriage.


Marriage in Myanmar


For marriage registration with Myanmar nationals. Evidence can be used in requesting a marriage registration, similar to Thai marriage registration or other nationalities. Note that the Myanmar High Court has issued an order strictly prohibiting relevant Myanmar authorities from registering marriages between foreigners and Myanmar women. This to prevent the problem of trafficking migrant women. As a result, Myanmar government agencies will not be able to issue certificates of celibacy to Myanmar women.

It is important to note that marriage registration will make both parties have the status of husband and wife under Thai law only. If you want to have the status of husband and wife according to the law of your spouse’s country, you must register the marriage under the laws of that country as well.


Likewise also see the Royal Thai Embassy Kathmandu and the Royal Thai Embassy Washington.



Birth Registration


A child born abroad to a father or mother of Thai nationality automatically acquires Thai nationality by birth. To apply for birth registration and receive a birth certificate from the embassy, you must bring the following evidence:

Firstly, a Myanmar birth certificate with an English translation and certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Myanmar. Secondly, the passport or identity card of the parents. Thirdly, a copy of the Thai house registration wishing to add the child’s name. Fourthly, the marriage certificate of the parents (if any). Lastly, other related documents such as a name change certificate, a change of last name, a child registration certificate, and so on.

Then, the consular officer will ask the father and mother for more information before issuing a birth certificate to the child.

It is important to note that the accuracy of the information in the documents issued by the Myanmar authorities should be thoroughly checked, such as spelling, names, surnames of fathers, mothers, and children, passport numbers, and Thai ID numbers. If there is a mistake, it must be corrected immediately by the Myanmar authorities, otherwise, it will cause problems in issuing Thai birth certificates.

After obtaining a Thai birth certificate, it is advisable to apply for a Thai passport for the child. This is necessary for contacting the district office or district where domiciled to submit a request to add the child’s name to the household registration in Thailand and receive a 13-digit ID number from the Ministry of Interior.

It is recommended to make an appointment with a consular officer in advance for convenience and speed of action.


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