Thai Embassy Indonesia

Thai EmbassyThis is the Thai Embassy Indonesia. The Royal Thai Embassy is located in Jakarta in Indonesia. If you are a Thai and in need of a new passport, register your baby born abroad then call the Thai Embassy in Jakarta. If you wish to apply for a Thai visa to visit Thailand then again contact the Thai embassy in Indonesia for more information about the requirements for the visa you are applying for. There are a number of visa options.

Thai Embassy Indonesia

There is a Thai “O” Visa for marriage, “B” visa for business and also the Thai “OA” Visa for retirement. Call the embassy for more information. We have also placed a map for you to find the embassy. If you are considering retirement in Thailand and over the age of 50 then you can apply for a retirement visa while in Indonesia. You need to extend this visa in Thailand as the visa is only valid for 3 months when you enter Thailand. If you are just going on holiday then it is best to apply for a tourist visa before you visit Thailand. Speak to the staff at the Thai Embassy for more information and assistance before you visit Thailand.

Royal Thai Embassy in Jakarta

Thai Embassy Indonesia


Thai Embassy Indonesia
JI. DR Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung kav. NO. 3.3 (Lot 8.8), Kawasan Mega Kuningan, Jakarta
Monday to Friday 09.00-17.00 hrs.
Tel: +62 21 2932 8190/94 +62 21 2932 8199, 2932 8201, 2932 8213



Electronic Passport

In order to obtain a new passport, it is necessary to produce it at the Department of Consular Affairs, Bangkok and submit it to the Royal Thai Embassy. However, in the current situation, it takes approximately 6-8 weeks to receive a new passport from the date of submitting the request at the embassy. Therefore, it is recommended to plan and prepare in advance for a new passport. This includes checking the expiration date of the original passport, which must be valid for at least 6 months for international travel or at least 18 months validity for extending certain types of stay permit in Indonesia.

To make an appointment for a new passport, please contact the staff via email at (Subject: RENEW THAI PASSPORT) and wait for an email confirming the appointment date and time. During the appointment, you will be required to provide face photography, finger print, and iris scan. It is also important to check the supporting documents required for applying for a passport.

In case of a lost passport and an emergency situation requiring return to Thailand, you can apply for an Emergency Travel Document or Emergency Passport to be used in lieu of a passport. Information on how to proceed can be found on the website.


Thai Lost Passport


Contact via Facebook Chat : Royal Thai Embassy, ​​Jakarta
Consular Emergency Mobile Number +62 8 1118 6253
Consular E-mail


In the event that Thai people lose their passports in Indonesia, the following steps should be taken:

Firstly, contact the local police station to report the lost passport. It is advisable to have a copy of the passport and the plane ticket that was used to enter Indonesia, if available, to show to the staff.

Next, contact the Royal Thai Embassy in Jakarta to obtain a new emergency travel document/emergency passport. It is necessary to prepare the relevant documents, including a report issued by the Indonesian police station, a copy of the original inbound and outbound ticket for Indonesia (if available), a copy of the lost passport (if applicable), a copy of the identity card (if any), and a petition form.

The embassy will then consider issuing a new travel document, such as an emergency travel document (Emergency Travel Document) for those who will return to Thailand by direct flight, which can be received within 1 business day or on the same day without any fee. Alternatively, an emergency passport (Emergency Passport) can be issued for those who need to travel to other countries or have a stopover on a connecting flight. However, there is a fee of 120,000 rupiah, and it can be received within 1 working day or on the same day. The embassy can also provide assistance with appropriate booking/postponement of outbound flights from Indonesia.

Passport & Exit Permit

After receiving a new travel document and a lead letter from the embassy, ​​the applicant must visit the Indonesian Immigration Office (Directorate General of Immigration) on the 11th floor located at Jl. HR Rasuna Said Kav.X- 6 Nomor 8, Kuningan-Jakarta Selatan. It is advised to wait for the Exit Permit stamp before booking/postponing the outbound flight from Indonesia.

Once the Exit Permit stamp is obtained, the reservation/postponement of the outbound air ticket from Indonesia must be forwarded to the embassy via the consular’s email at for further coordination with the Indonesian and Thai authorities.

Finally, if the applicant is a resident of Indonesia (has KITAS or KITAP), it is necessary to travel to obtain an Exit Permit stamp at the local immigration office issuing KITAS/KITAP before being able to return to Thailand.

Petition Form


Thai ID Card

The Royal Thai Embassy in Jakarta has begun to provide identity card services for Thai nationals who are resident. residing in Indonesia From August 15, 2016 onwards, you can email (Subject: THAI ID CARD) to inform the reason for requesting an ID card for case-by-case consideration.

  • Supporting Documents
  • ID card request form
  • Original ID card
  • Passport
  • Indonesian resident card (KITAS/KITAP)
  • Fee rate

In case the old card has expired and presented to the officials no fee. In the event that the card is lost, the card is destroyed, or the card is damaged. There is a fee of 50,000 rupiah. Please bring a valid government-issued document with a photo, such as a Thai passport. A Thai driver’s license is presented instead. In the case of copying and certifying a copy of card information There is a fee of 5,000 rupiah.

ID card request form


Register a Birth Abroad

The embassy has the authority to register births and issue birth certificates to Thai children who were born in Indonesia. The eligibility criteria for acquiring Thai nationality for children born abroad. This depends on the nationality of the father, mother, and child. If the parents are registered for marriage, and both are Thai nationals. Then the child will automatically acquire Thai nationality. However, if one of the parents is not Thai, the child’s nationality may vary.

To apply for a Thai birth certificate. Completed documents must be submitted via email to, with the subject “THAI BIRTH CERTIFICATE”. Likewise the embassy will review and confirm the date of receiving the documents. The supporting documents required for birth registration include a birth registration request form. Additionally a birth certificate issued by a local hospital. Likewise a birth certificate issued by a local government agency in Indonesia. Additionally a certified copy of the document by the Indonesian Ministry of Law and Human Rights and the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In addition, a copy of the house registration that will indicate the child’s name. Additionally the national ID card of the father and mother, the father and mother’s passports with copies. Likewise the marriage certificate with a copy are also needed.

Birth Registration request form


Marriage Registration

Evidence and supporting documents for submitting a petition

  • Application for marriage registration (Form A.)
  • Identification card of both male and female sides with a copy
  • Male and female passports with copies
  • Copy of house registration of both male and female parties together with a copy
  • Certificate of celibacy for both men and women. In the case of a Thai spouse Certificate of celibacy can be obtained at the district office or district office.

In the case of a foreign spouse A certificate of celibacy must be obtained from the relevant authority of that country. By being translated into Thai or English and certified by the embassy of that country.

  • Likewise at least 2 witnesses
  • Identity card or passport of the witness

In case the applicant is not of legal age

  • Authority to give consent or letter of consent
  • Judgment or court order (depending on the case)


Processing time is at least 1 week in which 1 Thai person submits complete documents to the embassy. And waiting for a call back to make an appointment for the male, female and at least 2 witnesses to come and sign documents at the embassy.

Application for marriage registration 


Notarization in Jakarta

Certification of documents issued by Thai government

When it comes to legal documents, such as a certificate of celibacy, power of attorney, birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate. Likewise divorce registration, identity card, house registration, family status registration, name-surname change certificate, certificate from educational institution, diploma, and others.

They must go through a process of legalization and translation into English at the Division of Nationality and Legal Affairs in the Department of Consular Affairs in Thailand (or a place for legalization of documents in Thailand) before being certified at the embassy. This process must be completed within a period of 6 months according to the Procedure for notarizing documents at the Department of Consular Affairs.

To submit the documents at the embassy, the petitioner needs to bring the following on working days, Monday to Friday, between 09.00 – 11.30:

  • Legalization petition*
  • Documents issued by Thai government agencies that have been legally certified and translated into English at the Division of Nationality and Legal Affairs Department of Consular Affairs in Thailand (or a place for legalization of documents in Thailand) before bringing them to be legalized at the embassy. Within 3 months.
  • Thai ID card and Thai passport of the petitioner.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Fee for legalization of documents 210,000 rupiah per copy, which takes at least 3 working days (excluding holidays).

Request Legalization Document *


Letter of consent for the child to apply for a Thai passport

In the case where a child under 20 years old needs a passport and cannot be brought to apply for one at the Thai Ministry of Foreign Affairs or embassy in countries other than Indonesia, the following documents must be submitted at the embassy on working days between 09:00-11:30:

  • Legalization petition*
  • Consent letter*
  • Thai ID card of attorney*
  • Copy of Thai ID card
  • Likewise a copy of the house registration of the attorney and the attorney.
  • Additionally a copy of the minor’s birth certificate.


The fee for notarizing documents is Rp 210,000 each, and it takes at least 3 working days (excluding holidays).


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