Thai Embassy in Bahrain

Thai EmbassyWe have listed the contact details for the Thai Embassy in Bahrain or Thailand embassy Bahrain below included are their office hours and a map to the Embassy in Manama. If you are applying for a Thailand Visa then call the Thai embassy or send them an email to ensure you have all the documents. If you are a Thai then the Embassy in Manama will assist you with a passport and other consular assistance.

Thai Embassy in Bahrain

If you got married to to Thai while in Bahrain you can also register your marriage at the Thai Embassy and also apply for a Thai “O” visa to visit and stay in Thailand. However only if you meet the financial requirements. The requirements for the marriage visa is explained elsewhere on this website. If you are over the age of 50 you can also retire in Thailand if you meet the requirements. Ask the Embassy for more advice and guidance with regard to your visa application while in Bahrain. The Thailand embassy Bahrain will be able to assist.

Additionally the Thai Embassy in Bahrain provides medical visa services for Bahraini nationals who wish to travel to Thailand for medical treatment. Moreover the following is a list of documents and procedures needed for the visa application:

Documents required:

  1. Original passport with a validity of at least 6 months.
  2. In addition two passport-sized photographs with a white background.
  3. Furthermore a copy of the flight itinerary showing the round-trip ticket and travel dates.
  4. A copy of the medical certificate from the hospital or clinic in Thailand confirming the appointment and treatment.
  5. A letter from the Bahraini hospital or clinic referring the patient to Thailand for medical treatment.
  6. Furthermore a completed visa application form with the necessary details.


  1. Submit the visa application and required documents to the Thai Embassy in Bahrain.
  2. Therefore pay the visa fee (the fee may vary depending on the duration of the visa).
  3. Wait for the embassy to process the visa application (this may take up to 3 working days).
  4. Once the visa is approved, collect the passport from the embassy and travel to Thailand on the specified dates.

Likewise it’s important to note that the embassy may request additional documents or information during the visa application process. Additionally it’s also recommended to start the application process well in advance of the intended travel dates to allow for any delays or issues that may arise.

Royal Thai Embassy Manama

Royal Thai Embassy Manama


Thai Embassy in Bahrain
Villa No. 132, Road 66 Zinj Area, Block 360, Manama
Tel : (973) 1724-6242,17274142
Fax : (973) 1727-2714 (973) 17230980
Office Hours : Monday - Friday 8.30 hrs. - 16.30 hrs.
Visa and Consular section : 8.00 hrs. - 12.00 hrs.
Website :


Thai passport application


  • Working days : Sun – Thurs (except holidays of the Royal Thai Embassy in Manama)
  • Service time : 09.00 – 12.00
  • Passport collection time: 09.00 – 12.00 
  • Phone : 17233588, 17243535

Electronic Passport 

There are 2 types of passports issued to individuals:

  1. Ordinary passport Service life 10 years

: Fee 20.000 BHD (Cash only in Bahraini Dinar)

A Thai national who is eligible for a 10-year passport must have the following qualifications:

  • Having attained the age of 20 years or more. or a person who has not completed 20 years of age but has been legally married under Thai law and
  • whose name is in the house registration (Tor. Ror. 14) in Thailand; and
  • have a valid Thai ID card
  1. Ordinary passport Service life 5 years

: Fee 14.000 BHD (Cash in Bahraini Dinar only)

Thai nationals who are eligible for a 5-year passport must have the following qualifications:

  • Likewise they have a valid Thai ID card and have a name in the house registration (Thor Ror 14) in Thailand
  • New born children who already have a Thai birth certificate A Thai birth certificate can be used as evidence for applying for the first 5-year ordinary passport. Parents must register the child’s name in Thai household registration. Otherwise, the Embassy of Bahrain will not be able to issue a 5-year ordinary passport, volume 2
  • Persons aged between 7 and under 20 years old must have a Thai ID card as evidence when applying for a 5-year ordinary passport.
Documents Needed

Individuals aged 20 years and over can apply for a normal passport Valid for 5 years or 10 years with the following documents required

(In case of expired card must apply for a new Thai ID card first)

  • The original Thai passport
  • Bahrain Identity Card (CPR)
  • In case of changing name or surname but the name or surname in the original passport is not current : Please bring a copy of the certificate of registration of the name-surname change (Gor. 5) or a copy of the house registration with the record of the change of title or name or surname. new come show
Emergency Travel Document

   1. Fill out the legalization petition form. Explanation of reasons for urgent travel
   2. Thai ID card
   3. Bahraini Identity Card (CPR) (if any)
   4. Copy of air ticket
   5. Documents from CID (in case of lost/stolen passport) with the following steps:
      5.1 Report a lost passport at the local police station. You will receive a case number document from the police.
      5.2 Submit the Case number received from the police station. Request a copy of the passport history at the Immigration Office
      5.3 Bring documents received from the Immigration Office. Go to request documents from CID
      5.4 Bring documents from CID to show to the embassy. to apply for an emergency travel document



Thai ID card

  • Working days : Sun – Thury (except holidays of the Royal Thai Embassy in Manama)
  • Service time : 09.00 – 12.00
  • Phone : 17233588, 17243535

Thai nationals with permanent or long-term residency in Bahrain. and used to have an identity card You can apply for a new ID card at the embassy in the following cases.

  • Likewise the old expired Thai ID card
  • The original card is lost / damaged causing incomplete information. or fuzzy photos
  • Change important points on the original card, such as title, name, surname or address.

Issuing the first ID card must be made in Thailand only

Documents to be prepared to submit and fees

Card expired

  • Original ID card that has expired
  • Original Thai passport and visa that is valid in the passport book.
  • Bahrain Identity Card (CPR)
  • Copy of house registration

Fee – no fee

Note: You can apply for a new ID card from 60 days before the old card expires.

In case of major changes such as title / surname after marriage or divorce / address

  • real identity card
  • Original Thai passport and visa that is valid in the passport book.
  • Bahrain Identity Card (CPR)
  • A copy of documents related to the change of information, such as a copy of the new house registration in case of change of address, a copy of the family status registration (Kor. 22) and a copy of the certificate of registration of last name change (Form Chor. 5), 1 copy each. In case of changing title and surname after marriage or divorce

Fees – no fees

(except in the case of a lost Thai ID card New card issuance fee 1.500 BD)



Legalization of documents

Documents required to apply for legalization of documents

  • Real documents and real translations
  • real Thai ID card
  • Original passport of the applicant
  • Real Bahrain Identity Card (CPR)

Fee –6.000 BD per 1 notarization stamp (Pay in cash Bahraini Dina currency only)

Filing a request/taking back documents

  • Submit in person at the Embassy of Bahrain Ready to fill out legal documents
  • After that, they will be notified of an appointment to pick up documents that have been legally certified and returned again. On the day that the document is returned, the receipt must be presented to the staff as well.



Birth registration (request a birth certificate)

Birth registration

  • 1 passport size photograph for the child
  • Must be a child born in the Kingdom of Bahrain and have a birth certificate from the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain (Birth Certificate) or a birth certificate issued from the hospital (Birth Notification). ) as evidence proving the father or mother and the surrogate child together with the testimony of the mother and at least 2 witnesses.
  • Likewise a copy of the passport. Copy of Thai ID card and a copy of the mother’s Bahraini Citizen Identity Card (CPR).
  • Passport copy. Copy of Thai ID card And a copy of the father’s Bahraini citizenship card (CPR) (in the case of a Thai father)
  • Marriage certificate of parents

 Supporting evidence

In the case where parents have registered their marriage

  • Passport size photo for the child
  • Additionally a copy of the birth certificate “Full Birth Certificate”, amount 1 set
  • Likewise a copy of the marriage certificate of the father / mother, amount 1 set
  • Copy of the father / mother’s passport page, amount 1 set
  • Copy of the ID card page or a copy of the house registration of Father / Mother, amount 1 set

Note: If applying for a passport as well Please prepare 2 copies of the above documents each
     . 3.2 In case parents are not married.

  • 1 passport size photo for children 2.
  • Likewise a copy of birth certificate “Full Birth Certificate:
  • Additionally 1 copy of parent’s passport page
  • Copy of ID card or copy of house registration of parents Amount 1 set
  • For recording form The passport applicant must sign in front of the officer. At the Embassy only if the child wants to use his father’s surname The father must also sign a consent form to use his surname. (Forms can be downloaded from the surname agreement)
  • A copy of the child custody certificate or Por Kor 14, number 1 set (in case of inability to contact the father of the child.


Additionally see also the Thai Consulate in New South Wales as well as the Thai Embassy in Beijing. There is also the Thai Embassy in Vietnam as well as the Thai Consulate in Chennai.



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