Thai Embassy in Spain

Thai EmbassyMadrid in Spain is where the Thai Embassy in Spain is. If you are looking to invest or to visit Thailand then the embassy in Madrid is where the process starts. You can apply for a marriage visa if you are married to a Thai. You can also apply for a tourist visa if you want to visit Thailand for 2 months or if you are older than 50 then you can apply for an OA visa or retirement visa in Spain. There are a number of options.

Thai Embassy in Spain

You can also register a divorce, marriage or birth of a Thai national at the Thai embassy in Madrid. There is a map to the embassy below with all their contact details and their office hours. See also the TM8 on here. See also the Visa on arrival in Thailand.

The Royal Thai Embassy in Madrid, Spain, is responsible for promoting and protecting Thai interests in Spain and Andorra. The embassy provides consular services, including visa and passport applications, as well as facilitating cultural and business exchanges between the two countries.

The embassy also assists with the registration of births, marriages, and deaths of Thai nationals residing in Spain. With a dedicated team of professionals, the embassy strives to strengthen the friendship and cooperation between Thailand and Spain.


Thai Embassy in Madrid


Thai Embassy in Spain


Thai Embassy in Spain
Calle Joaquin Costa, 29, 28002 Madrid
Tel: (34) 91 563 2903
Fax: (34) 91 564 0033
Email :
Visa and Consular section (09.30 - 13.30 hrs.)
E-mail: (Preferable)
Emergency number outside office hours: +34 691 712 332



Tourist Visa (Single Entry)

(e-Visa from November 1, 2022)


Note for those who wish to apply for a visa to Thailand. Likewise non-Thai nationals residing in Spain and Andorra, they must use the new electronic visa platform, e-Visa. This which can be accessed at Through this platform, applicants can make online payments. Additionally without the need to present their passport and original supporting documents in person. Those who are citizens of countries under the Tourist Visa Exemption Program can stay in Thailand for up to 30 days without a visa, provided they can show proof of their departure within 30 days.

Firstly to obtain a tourist visa, applicants must present several documents. Likewise including their passport, a photograph, bank certificate, return ticket, and confirmed hotel reservations, along with paying a fee of 35 euros. Finally the Embassy may request additional documents, as deemed necessary, and can grant the type of visa based on the applicant’s situation.




(e-Visa from November 1, 2022)


Non-Thai nationals, specifically those with Spanish and Andorran nationality. This as well as individuals of other nationalities residing in Spain and Andorra. Likewise those who wish to apply for a visa for Thailand, must use the new electronic visa platform (e-Visa) available at It is important to note that online payments are required. Also applicants do not need to present their passport and original supporting documents in person.

For individuals with a MULTIPLE Entry tourist visa. They may use it within 6 months from its issuance, with the maximum stay in Thailand being 60 uninterrupted days for each entry. However, it is crucial to remember that those who do not meet all the requirements and intend to visit neighboring countries of Thailand must apply for the SINGLE ENTRY visa.

If necessary, applicants can extend their stay for up to 30 days. Likewise by submitting the corresponding application at an Immigration Office in Thailand. After this extension, they must leave the country, but they may request RE-ENTRY before leaving by going to Immigration Offices in Thailand. This or the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok, with processing times ranging from 2-3 business days to 6-7 hours.


Visa Cost and Options


The cost for a SINGLE RE-ENTRY is 1,000 THB, while a MULTIPLE RE-ENTRY costs 3,800 THB. When applying for a visa, the necessary documents to submit for each individual application include a biometric passport or original travel document valid for more than 12 months, a frontal photograph without sunglasses and with the head uncovered taken no more than 6 months before, and proof of a two-entry, two-exit ticket to be used within 6 months from the visa’s issuance.

Confirmed hotel reservations for the entire stay in Thailand, according to the dates of the entry and exit tickets presented, are also required. If an applicant is invited, they must provide an invitation letter and host document, and if the host is a foreigner who lives or works in Thailand, they must provide their visa or a copy of the work permit.

In addition, applicants must provide proof of sufficient financial means to cover their stay in Thailand, with requirements varying depending on their employment status. The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents if necessary, and all visa applications that do not meet the established requirements will be denied.






In order to legalize your documents, you will need to provide the following:

Firstly, a completed legalization application form (which can be obtained from the Consulate or downloaded from their website).

Secondly, a letter of authorization from your company granting permission for the individual presenting the documentation at the Consulate to do so on your behalf.

Thirdly, a photocopy of the DNI or NIE of the person presenting the documentation.

Fourthly, the document that you wish to have legalized must have already been legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain.

Fifthly, an exact copy of the document after it has been legalized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Sixthly, the required fee of 15 euros in cash for each stamp of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Lastly, it is important to note that the process typically takes two business days to complete.


Legalisation Documents


Making a new passport ( E-Passport) 


At present, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has changed the passport issuing system to an electronic passport system (E-Passport). Hence applicants who request a new passport must come and apply for a new passport by themselves. Because electronic passports must contain biometric information, including fingerprints and photographs of the applicant. Issuing an electronic passport will be based on the information that appears on your civil registration in Thailand.


Evidence for applying for an electronic passport

General person

  • 1 electronic passport information form (pick up at the embassy)
  • real Thai ID card which has not expired + 1 copy (signed to certify true copy)
  • Copy of Thai house registration 1 set (Signed to certify true copy)
  • Original and original Thai passport + 1 copy (certified true copy signature)
  • If there is a change of name – surname, marriage, divorce, one copy of each document (signed to certify true copy)
  • Individuals who have reached the age of majority can apply for a General Passport valid for 5 years (€35 fee) or a General Passport valid for 10 years (€50 fee). or certification of a valid visa, there is an additional fee of 5 euros) for convenience and speed, please prepare enough money.

**In case of lost passport A report from the Spanish police is required. together with a copy and signed to certify true copy**


Processing time and obtaining passports

The request, along with supporting evidence for an electronic passport, will be sent to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the production of a copy. It will take about 3-4 weeks. The singer can pick up the book by himself. or inform the embassy To send back to the company to send documents by the petitioner must notify the officer from the date of coming to make a new passport. And the cost of sending documents to the petitioner is responsible.

Note: The embassy Not responsible for lost documents in any case.

Please contact the consular officer to make an appointment for a new passport. at telephone number 91-5632903 ext. 101 or 102 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, email

If you haven’t made an appointment beforehand embassy Unable to accept your request

Please contact the consular officer to make an appointment for a new passport. at telephone number 91-5632903 ext. 101 or 102 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, email




Marriage registration


Registering a marriage with the embassy can only be done if one of the spouses is a Thai national with a domicile in Spain, which will be effective under Thai law only. The following documents are required for submission:

  1. A marriage registration request and investigation form (available at the embassy)
  2. Additionally two sets of certified copies of both parties’ passports
  3. Two sets of certified copies of both parties’ national identification cards with signatures
  4. Likewise two sets of certified copies of both parties’ house registration certificates with signatures
  5. Two sets of certified copies of a name change certificate or surname certificate (if any) with signatures
  6. Additionally two sets of certified copies of a Spanish residence certificate
  7. A certificate of single status and qualifications for marriage issued by the relevant agency of each party’s country (if one of the parties is not a Thai national)
  8. No fees are required.

Likewise note that the applicant can submit the necessary documents to the embassy for consideration by consular officers before making an appointment to sign the marriage registration in person. Please contact the consular section at 91-5114113, 91-5632903 extension 128 or 141 to make an appointment.

Additionally regarding registering a divorce with the embassy, it can only be done if one of the spouses is a Thai national with a domicile in Spain, and the same documents as those required for marriage registration must be submitted.




Birth Registration


When applying for birth registration and issuing a birth certificate by post, there are several important qualifications and documents that need to be considered. Firstly, the birth notification by mail must be submitted by a father or mother who has Thai nationality. Secondly, the child must be legitimate and born within the territory of the Embassy in Madrid.

Additionally to register the birth of the child by mail, certain evidence must be delivered to the embassy along with a letter of intent. Likewise this includes a photograph of the child, a copy of the birth certificate issued by the Spanish government, copies of the passports and national ID cards of the parents, copies of Thai and Spanish house registration, copies of Thai and foreign marriage certificates, copies of residence certificates, and a Libro de Familia copy. Additionally, a copy of the birth certificate issued by the hospital must be included. See also Register Birth Abroad.

Additionally to proceed with the issuance of a birth certificate, the embassy must receive complete and correct pre-specified documents, and the child must be considered to have been born within the territory of the embassy. It is important to note that documents issued by Thai government agencies must be certified by parents with Thai nationality, while documents issued by foreign government agencies must be certified by a notary public or government agency responsible for notarizing documents. See also the Thai Embassy in Vietnam and the Thai Embassy in Bahrain.


Special Note


When submitting the letter of wish to notify the birth of a child by mail. It is important to specify the name of the child born in Thai and inform the mother’s pre-marital surname. Additionally if the father and mother did not register their marriage. Likewise they wish for the child to use the mother’s surname. They must make a letter of confirmation (memorandum). Similarly, if the child wishes to use the surname of the father. Additionally the parents must make a written statement for the child to use the surname. However according to Thai law. Only one surname can be chosen and the father and mother’s surnames cannot be combined.

Finally, it is important to provide the address for document delivery. Also to ask for more information if needed by contacting the Embassy at phone number 91-5632903 ext. 101 or 102 from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. or by email at


Record form for requesting a birth certificate

Birth Registration Application

 Interrogation Records


See also the Thai Embassy in Portugal and the Thai Embassy in Brunei.




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