Passport Assistance in Chengdu

Thai EmbassySee Passport Assistance in Chengdu. When in China and you need consular assistance while in Chengdu then you can contact the Thai Consulate in Chengdu for assistance with a marriage visa application as well as birth registration as well as death registration and applying for a Thai passport. Below you will find the basic information for this. always email or call the Thai Embassy in China or the Thai Consulate in Chengdu. They are normally close on both Chinese and Thai holidays.

Passport Assistance in Chengdu

You will need the following documents when you apply for a new Thai passport while in Chengdu. Note that you should not wait till the passport has expired or is full before you apply for the passport. You will need the following documents for the Thai consulate in Chengdu.

  • Application form for a passport
  • Your real passport with 1 photocopy of the passport (Chinese visa entry stamps need to be included)
  • Copy of your Thai ID card
  • Copy of your Tabian Baan
  • Copy of your name change certificate
  • Copy of your marriage or divorce certificate if applicable.


Unlike in Thailand the passport process takes a bit longer. You will need to wait  5-6 weeks from the payment date.

Children Passport Application (350 Yuan)

The cost of a passport for a Thai child is also 350 Yuan. Note also that the following documents will be needed for this:

  • Application form completed
  • The real passport with 1 photocopy with all the pages from the passport
  • You will need a copy of the birth certificate
  • Copy of the Tabian Baan if the child’s name is on it
  • Copy of a name change certificate if the child’s name has been changed.


Common Passport problems

  • The original passport does not match the Tabian Baan information (surnames and date of birth are common problems)
  • The Chinese passport does not match the name on the Thai birth certificate (needs a Notary Public for Chengdu City at (028) 8669-6320)
  • If one of the parents are Thai they need the documents for the mother for the passport application. (Tabian Baan, Thai ID card, Marriage/Name Change Certificate)
  • Unmarried parents but the child’s surname is in the Chinese fathers name;
  • Applications cant be done via mail and can only be done in person;
  • Fees are not refundable.

If you need assistance then always email the Consulate in Chengdu first for assistance so that you have all the correct documents for this. The above is only a guide for making an application for a passport for both an adult and a child. This is the Passport Assistance in Chengdu you can find. Likewise see the pages of the Thai Consulate in Nanning and the Thai Consulate in Chengdu.