Canadian Letter of Affirmation

Thai EmbassyWhat is the Canadian Letter of Affirmation. Living in Thailand or on holiday as a Canadian you can contact the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok for assistance with your ‘Letter of Affirmation’. This can be done at the Canadian Embassy in Bangkok or the Canadian Consulate in Chiang Mai.  Note that you need certain documents for your affidavit as well as original documents if you are widowed or divorced.

Canadian Letter of Affirmation

The Embassy does Affirmation from 9 in the morning until noon. It is normally an overnight process however many do get a same day service. Note that the cost is about C$50 per affirmation and this can be paid in Thai Baht as well. You will need the following documents for the Embassy or Consulate in Chiang Mai.

  • 1.       Your Canadian passport;
  • 2.       Your original Divorce decree (if applicable);
  • 3.       Your original death certificate of your spouse (if applicable);
  • 4.       Two references of Canadian citizens you know with their contact details.

Note also that you will need to translate the affidavit into Thai and have this certified. The Canadian Embassy might also be able to assist with this process. French is accepted at the Embassy as well for the affidavit however this also has to be translated into Thai for the Thai government. Once the documents have been issued you need to have them verified at the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs.

Documents Needed

Verification takes a few hours and can take the entire day to complete. Once the documents have been verified they will stamp all the documents for you. You now have to take all these documents to the Amphurs Office or local District Office for your marriage registration. This takes less than an hour. Note that the following documents would be needed:

  • 1.       Your passport;
  • 2.       Your Thai fiancée’s Tabian Baan;
  • 3.       Your Thai fiancée’s Thai ID card;
  • 4.       Your divorce decree;
  • 5.       Your death certificate of your late spouse;
  • 6.       Birth certificates of any children you have together;
  • 7.       Prenuptial Agreement
  • 8.       Certified and Verified ‘Freedom to Marry’ Affidavit

Also note that your prenuptial needs to be registered at the same time and not later if you want the agreement to be valid. If you don’t have a prenuptial agreement then it is of no concern. Note also that you can now apply for a marriage visa for Thailand if you are going to be staying on in Thailand. Speak to an attorney about converting your current visa in Thailand to a 12 month marriage visa without the need to leave Thailand again. Note that she will also need her Thai National ID Card for registration.

If you have a retirement visa in Thailand then you can change it later to a marriage visa as the requirements are lower and requires less paperwork with Thai Immigration. Again take sound legal advice before you get married in Thailand. See also the Thai Consulate in Vancouver as well as the US Letter of Affirmation.


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