Filipino Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage

Thai EmbassySee the Filipino Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage. Unlike the US Affirmation of Marriage or the British Affirmation of Marriage. The Filipino process has a much different process however not as difficult as the Swedish Affirmation of marriage and US Letter of Affirmation.  The Filipino Embassy in Bangkok requires the following from you so note how this marriage registration is normally done for a Filipino.

Filipino Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage

Both parties have to go to the Embassy in Bangkok for what is called the CLCCM (Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage). Now note the following as this is very unique to the Philippines with regards to marriage:

1.       If any of the party is between the ages of 18-21 then a parent has to be there at the Embassy with the person and have completed an “Affidavit of Consent”. The Consular Officer at the Embassy needs to meet the parent(s) of the person between these ages;

2.       If any of the party is between the ages of 21-25 then written proof needs to be given to the Consular Officer showing “Parental Advice” has been given to the person under the age of 25. Speak to the Embassy about the format of this letter.

You will also require the following at the Embassy for the Letter of Affirmation or CLCCM (Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage) form the Embassy in Bangkok. Note also that this process takes about 2 weeks to complete once you have been to the Embassy. These documents are needed being the original and photocopy:

  • 1. Your DFA authenticated “Certificate of Live Birth” from the National Statistics Office (NSO);
  • 2. Your DFA authenticated “”No Record of Previous Marriage” from the NSO;

Documents Needed

Once you have all these documents you can then proceed to have your marriage registered in Thailand. The documents all need to be translated into Thai. Then taken to the Thai Foreign Affairs office outside of Bangkok. The documents will then be certified and you then have to take these stamped documents to the local District Office in Bangkok. They will now issue you with a Thai marriage certificate.

Once this is complete you now need to inform the Philippines Embassy in Bangkok that the marriage is complete. You now need to take your Kor Ror 2 and Thai marriage certificate in Thailand. Then have it translated into English. There is a fee of 1,000 THB for the “Report of Marriage Form” and this needs 4 copies. Note they don’t allow you to make photocopies at the Embassy and the CLCCM costs 850 THB which needs to be paid.

Obtaining a (Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage). This or Letter of Affirmation for Filipino nationals gets very complicated. Speak to the Embassy or a lawyer in Thailand for more advice. If there are children involved born out of wedlock. Then you can also talk about legitimisation of the child and also prenuptial agreements if one is needed as this needs to be registered with the marriage registration in Bangkok at the same time. Note you can now also apply for a 12 month marriage visa.

Seek legal advice if you are not certain. See also the Royal Thai Embassy Philippines.