Sweden Letter of Affirmation

Thai EmbassyThe Sweden Letter of Affirmation is explained. Swedish citizens in Thailand who wish to get married need a letter from the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok. The process for the Letter of Affirmation of Freedom to Marry is rather different from British and American citizens. The Swedish process also takes much longer and can take up to a month to obtain if you don’t have all the needed documents. The process is listed below.

Sweden Letter of Affirmation

They start the process with seeking the marriage status paper which they will obtain from the local tax authority in Sweden. Meanwhile you also have to provide proof of your annual income such as a payslip from your employer. They will also look at social insurance and other proof to show that you are single. You also need to provide 2 reference letters from friends in Sweden. These cannot be family members or related to you. They need to confirm that you are single and are not married. You will also have to provide your parents’ names and occupations in Sweden. See also the Royal Thai Embassy Sweden as well as the US Letter of Affirmation and the British Letter of Affirmation.

If you have been divorced or your spouse had died then you need to show the Embassy the original death certificates or your divorce decree from Sweden where you had been married. Lastly you also need copies of both you and your Thai fiancée’s ID cards.  The timeline with the Swedish Embassy in Bangkok will depend on how many of the documents you already have when you visit the Embassy. They will then issue you with your affidavit to get married. This is the first part of the process.

The next part is to take all your documents and have it translated into Thai. This then needs to be verified at the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs to show that the documents are authentic and that there is no fraud involved. This takes about a day to complete. They will then stamp the documents that have been translated and your affidavit as authentic. This is part two completed of the marriage registration process.

Documents Needed

You will now have to take all these verified documents to the District Office in the area. The better Amphur office is located in Bang Rak outside of Bangkok. Note that if you have a prenuptial agreement then it has to be ready to be registered now as it cannot be done later. You need to have the following documents.

  • 1.       Your passport;
  • 2.       Your Thai fiancée’s Tabian Baan;
  • 3.       Your Thai fiancée’s Thai ID card;
  • 4.       Your divorce decree;
  • 5.       Your death certificate of your late spouse;
  • 6.       Birth certificates of any children you have together;
  • 7.       Prenuptial Agreement
  • 8.       Certified and Verified ‘Freedom to Marry’ Affidavit

Speak to an attorney in Thailand about legitimation of a child in Thailand as well as prenuptial agreements. you can now also apply for a marriage visa in Thailand if you are not already on a retirement visa for Thailand. Better yet provide the attorney with all the needed documentation and allow them to complete the process for you. Making a mistake with a prenuptial agreement or the registration process can be a costly error. There is also the option of applying for a foreign visa or Thai visa once you are married and wanting to convert your current visa while inside of Thailand. Always take sound legal advice and guidance from an attorney in Thailand.


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