Iceland Letter of Affirmation

Thai EmbassyIceland Letter of Affirmation. Getting married in Thailand normally starts at your Embassy in Bangkok. Additionally if you are from Iceland then you will need to provide the Icelandic Embassy in Thailand with all the documents needed and this needs to be done in person. Check with the Embassy for any changes since this page was written however the process below is still valid today.

Iceland Letter of Affirmation

Likewise you need to apply for a “Freedom to Marry” or “Letter of Affirmation” if you want to get married in Thailand. This document states that you are single and able to get married in Thailand and that this has been verified by the Embassy. The following documents are needed by the Embassy:

  • 1.       Your passport;
  • 2.       Your birth certificate (original);
  • 3.       Your divorce decree (if applicable);
  • 4.       Your wife/husband death certificated if widowed;
  • 5.       Your Single Status Document from the  Statistical Department Iceland (Original)

Once these documents are presented then the Icelandic Embassy in Bangkok can assist you with the needed affidavit to get married in Thailand. The timeline for the affidavit varies however you are best serve calling them first to ensure that you have an appointment for the affidavit. Once the document has been issued you need to have all your documents translated into Thai and then these need to be verified and authenticated at the Thai Foreign Affairs Department in Bangkok as being verified by the Embassy. Note the documents needed for the District Office:

  • 1.       Your passport;
  • 2.       Your divorce decree (if applicable);
  • 3.       Your wife/husband death certificated if widowed;
  • 4.       Your Thai fiancée’s Tabian Baan;
  • 5.       Your Thai fiancée’s Thai Id card;
  • 6.       Any children(s) birth certificates;
  • 7.       Prenuptial agreement.
  • 8.       Certified and Verified ‘Freedom to Marry’ Affidavit

Documents Needed

Firstly ensure that you have all these documents in Thai and that they have been verified. Secondly the Thai Department of foreign Affairs has placed a stamp on your documents then you need to take all these documents to the District Office and they will issue you a marriage certificate. Lastly note that your prenuptial agreement must be registered with your marriage registration for it to be valid and binding. Note that the Icelandic Embassy in Bangkok is closed on the national day of Iceland. Se also the US Letter of Affirmation and Indian Letter of Affirmation.

Likewise once you have a marriage certificate you can also apply for a Thai visa or convert your current visa into a 12 month Thai marriage visa if you meet the requirements at Thai Immigration in Bangkok. Speak to an attorney about the conversion process which is much cheaper than leaving the country, apply for a marriage visa at an Embassy and then returning to Thailand to extend this visa. The conversion process is much easier, cheaper and less of a problem.

Likewise if you are not sure of the process then contact your Embassy in Bangkok. Additionally speak to a lawyer in Thailand for more information and assistance in this regard.