Visa at Thai Embassy Singapore

Thai EmbassyVisa at Thai Embassy Singapore. If you are in Singapore and looking at applying for a Thai visa at the Thai Embassy in Singapore then you can look on this website for the contact details of the Embassy and also look at the fees for each visa available. Note that there have been visa changes over the last few years for Singaporeans. These have been added below as a Singaporean does not need a tourist visa for Thailand however there are now limitations on how many times a land border can be used.

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Thai Visa Changes 2017

Thai EmbassyThe Thai visa changes 2017. This year the visa changes have already been made and the updated rules for those in Thailand should be noted as follows. The rules of enforcement has now been changed to the following and some of the older rules are still the same. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand for advice and assistance with your marriage visa extension as well as your retirement visa extension.

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Thai Immigration

Thai EmbassySee the details for Thai Immigration in Thailand. These are the contact details while in Thailand or abroad for Thai Immigration. These are the most recent details which has been listed for the department and they can answer questions which the Thai embassy might not be bale to answer for you. Free free to call them while in Thailand or visit their offices for more information about your Thai visa and immigration to Thailand.

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Visa on arrival in Thailand

Thai EmbassyThe visa on arrival in Thailand has changed over the years. Firstly when crossing a land border you used to get 30 days stay in Thailand if you country was listed on the 30 day waiver list. Secondly today you only get 15 days when you cross over the border. Finally normally you need to show at least 10,000 Baht on arrival per person or 20,000 baht per family when you arrive.

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