Thai Embassy in Romania

Thai EmbassyThese are the contact details for the Thai Embassy in Romania. Bucharest the capital city of Romania is where the Thai embassy is located. If you want to tour Thailand then you are best served by a Thai visa. There are a number of options for Romanians. You can apply for a 60 day tourist visa, 90 day business visa if you want to business in Thailand or work in Thailand.

Thai Embassy in Romania

You can also apply for a marriage visa if you have a Thai wife or a retirement visa if you are older than 50 years of age and you can meet the financial requirements. The contact details are listed below and also a map to the Thai embassy in Bucharest. Likewise see the Thai Consulate in Chengdu as well as the Register Birth Abroad which has been added below.
The Royal Thai Embassy in Bucharest, Romania is the official representative of the Thai government in the country.

Its primary mission is to promote and strengthen the bilateral relations between Thailand and Romania, as well as to provide consular and visa services to Thai citizens and foreigners who wish to visit Thailand. The embassy offers a range of services, including passport and ID card issuance, visa application processing, legalization of documents, and assistance for Thai nationals who encounter difficulties while in Romania.

The embassy also promotes Thai culture, tourism, and business opportunities to Romanian citizens and investors. The embassy’s website provides comprehensive information on the services it offers, as well as useful resources for travelers and businesses.


Royal Thai Embassy Romania

Thai Embassy in Romania



Thai Embassy in Romania
12 Vasile Conta Street, Sector 2, Bucharest 020953, Romania
Tel: + 40 21 311 0031
Fax: + 40 21 311 0044
E-mail: (general enquiries),
E-mail: (Visa)
E-mail: (หนังสือเดินทาง บัตรประจำตัวประชาชน ทะเบียนราษฏร รับรองเอกสาร)
Office hours: 09.00 - 12.00 hrs. and 13.00 - 14.30 hrs.
Wednesday and Friday 09.30 - 12.00 hrs. by prior appointment only


Thai Tourist Visa


Likewise this type of visa is issued for two main purposes, to enter the Kingdom for tourism (category “TR”). Moreover this or to seek medical treatment (category “MT”). Applicants for both single entry tourist visas and “MT” visas are required to provide several documents. Likewise including a passport with a validity of at least 6 months and a visa application form completely filled out. The applicant must also submit a recent photograph, travel itinerary, evidence of accommodation booking. This for the entire stay. Additionally an employment certificate, bank statement, and an ID or residence permit as proof of permanent residency in Romania or Bulgaria.

Additionally for multiple entry tourist visa applications. There are additional documents such as a bank statement showing a minimum balance of 6,000 Euro deposited for the last 6 months. Also confirmed round trip flight tickets, hotel reservation confirmation, and evidence of adequate finance must be provided. It is important to note that application forms and other documents with anything stapled on them will not be accepted. Note that consular officers reserve the right to request additional documents as deemed necessary.

Visa fees for single entry tourist visa or single entry medical treatment are €35, while multiple entry tourist visa is €175. Likewise the visa fee may be subject to change without prior notice. Additionally the validity of a visa is 3 months for one entry and 6 months for multiple entries, and the period of stay for travelers is not exceeding 60 days.



Applying for a Thai birth certificate


To apply for a Thai birth certificate in the case of birth abroad, there are specific documents that need to be provided. According to Thai law, a child born to a father or mother of Thai nationality, whether born inside or outside of Thailand, is required to have a Thai birth certificate. Therefore, parents of children born in Romania and Bulgaria can apply for a Thai birth certificate at the Royal Thai Embassy in Bucharest.

The documents that are required to apply for a Thai birth certificate include the birth certificate or birth certificate from the local authority, the national ID card of the father or mother in the case of Thai nationality, the house registration of the father or mother in the case of Thai nationality, and the father or mother’s passport in the case of foreigners. Additionally, a marriage certificate or divorce certificate may also be required.

It is important to note that an appointment with embassy staff should be requested in advance via email at It is also worth noting that no fees are required to apply for a Thai birth certificate at the embassy.



Applying for a new passport


Supporting documents for applying for a passport for Thai people abroad

– Fee 35 euros  (cash)  5 years 

– Fee 50 euros  (cash)  10 years 

When applying for a new passport, there are specific documents required for different individual types.

For guests, original passport or a copy. This along with an ID card/house registration with 13-digit ID number is needed.

Additionally for minors under 20 years of age. The original passport (if any), citizen ID card/house registration with 13-digit identification number or birth certificate. Likewise the passport or valid identification card of the father/mother or guardian are required. In addition, parents or guardians must sign the consent form. Additionally in cases where parents or a person with parental authority resides in Thailand. They can sign the form at the Passport Division, Department of Consular Affairs, Chaengwattana Road, Bangkok.

For monks, original passport or photocopy. Likewise Suthi leaves for monks and novices, letter of approval from Prof. T.P.A. (except for monks who have been ordained abroad). Additionally civil registration document with 13-digit identification number are required.

There are also additional documents required for applying for a passport in relevant cases such as a name/surname change certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, divorce records, evidence of birth certificate registration, alien certificate of father/mother, court order, and death certificate.

It is important to note that the documents presented must be original or a certified copy from the local authority that issued such document. Moreover, for Thai women who gave birth abroad. They need to contact the embassy/consulate to report their birth and request a birth certificate to ensure that their child has a document indicating that they are a person of Thai nationality according to the law.



Marriage Registration


When applying for marriage registration abroad, there are certain requirements that must be met. The Civil and Commercial Code, Chapter 5, Section 1459, stipulates that marriages abroad between people of Thai nationality together or either party has Thai nationality can proceed at Thai embassies or consulates abroad.

To register a marriage, the following documents are required:

  1. National ID cards of both spouses
  2. Valid passports of both spouses
  3. Copy of house registration of both spouses
  4. Letter of Consent, in the event that the petitioner is not of legal age and the person with the consent authority is not present
  5. Name-surname change certificate, in case of changing name-surname
  6. Child’s birth certificate/or child’s house registration, if having children together before
  7. Certificate of marital status indicating that a person who has not registered his marriage with any person. If the spouse is a foreigner, a certificate of eligibility or freedom of marriage must be issued by the official country of the applicant’s nationality. If the local language is not English, bring documents to be translated into English and certified by the official agency of that country, or divorce certificate in the case of previously registered marriage and already registered for divorce
  8. A woman whose husband has died or the marriage has ended otherwise can remarry only after the dissolution of the marriage for not less than 310 days, except:
    • Having given birth during that time
    • Married to former spouse
    • There is a medical certificate showing that she is not pregnant
    • There is an order of the court to marry.


Other Documents


It is important to note that an appointment must be made in advance with the embassy staff via email which is the following as you can see, and supporting documents must be submitted to the staff in advance to inspect and prepare relevant documents.

On the day of marriage registration, two witnesses must be brought along with passports/ID cards or a copy of the witness’s house registration. The Registrar of the Embassy or Consulate General of Thailand can register the marriage under Thai law only if either spouse has Thai nationality, and there are no fees.




In case of lost Thai passport


To request a new passport in the case of a lost passport, certain procedures must be followed. Firstly, the person must report the loss to the local police and use the notification form as evidence for requesting a new passport. Secondly, an appointment must be made with the embassy in advance by phone or email. It is important to note that making a passport must be done manually, and in the case of minors, both parents must also sign in front of the officer.

However, for Thai people traveling in Romania and Bulgaria who have lost their passport, they will not be able to apply for a new passport and must contact the embassy to make important identification documents. The production of passports takes approximately 4 weeks, and there is a fee of 30 EUR (cash).

In addition to the documents required for making a normal passport. Such as proof of identification and residency, additional supporting evidence is required. Likewise including evidence of the report and proof of visa presence in Romania/Bulgaria.

It is important to note that the issuance of an electronic passport (E-Passport). This will be based on the information in the civil registration of the applicant in Thailand. The last name in the new passport must match the evidence of the house registration or ID card. Also this will not depend on the original passport. If the applicant wants to change their last name due to marriage or divorce. Also the surname in the civil registration must be corrected before traveling. Then to apply for a passport. Lastly, it is important to note that a new passport or E-passport cannot be processed by post.



Applying for a temporary passport


If a Thai person loses their passport in Bulgaria and needs to request a temporary passport. The following steps should be taken:

Firstly, they should contact the local police station to report the lost passport. Also present a copy of the passport and the inbound flight ticket to the staff.

Secondly, they need to get in touch with the Royal Thai Embassy in Bucharest to obtain a new travel document, and prepare the necessary documents. Thirdly including the report issued by the local police station. Lastly a copy of the inbound and outbound air ticket, a copy of the lost passport, a copy of their national ID card (if any), and a fee of 10 euros (in cash).


Applying for a Thai ID card


To apply for a new Thai ID card at the Royal Thai Embassy in Bucharest, certain guidelines, evidence, and fees must be considered. The name-surname in the ID card will use information from the civil registration of the applicant in Thailand, irrespective of information in Romania. However, if the applicant needs a new ID card due to a change in surname after marriage or divorce, the information in the civil registration in Thailand must be corrected beforehand.

The embassy provides services for making Thai ID cards abroad on official days (Wednesdays and Fridays) from 9:30 a.m.-12:00 noon and 1:00-2:30 p.m., but an appointment must be made via email at To apply, certain guidelines must be followed. The applicant must be a person of Thai nationality who has made an ID card before, be aged not less than 7 years, and must not be a person listed in the central house registration. Moreover, the applicant must reside in Romania or Bulgaria.


Documents Needed


To support the application, certain evidence must be presented. This includes the ID card, evidence of change of name, surname, or title. Likewise proof of residence in Romania or Bulgaria. Also other evidence showing that the applicant is a person of Thai nationality. Such as a copy of the house registration or Thai passport. In terms of fees, there is no fee for applying for a new ID card if the previous card has expired. However, in the case of a lost, damaged, or damaged ID card, or a request for a new ID card. This due to a change in personal name, surname, or title, there is a fee of 5 euros (cash).

Lastly, it is necessary to visit the embassy in person to take pictures and fingerprinting. Therefore, it is important to make an appointment via email in advance.


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