Thai Embassies in Asia

Thai EmbassyThese are a list of the most common Thai Embassies in Asia. If you are applying for a marriage visa, then note that they have all become very strict over the years. Most will want to see 400,000 THB in a Thai bankbook which was resent or they will not issue you the visa. They might issue you a tourist visa. In that case you would need to have the visa converted in Thailand at Thai immigration.

Thai Embassies in Asia

If you are looking for a retirement visa for Thailand then there will be a process for this as well. They are going to check how many Thai visa you have had before and might ask for your Thai bankbook as well showing 800,000 THB in the account. Always check with any resent changes that there might be. Likewise see the Thai Embassy in Europe and the Thai visa article.


Thai Embassy in Singapore

Thai Embassy in Laos

Thai Embassy in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Royal Thai Embassy Cambodia