Morocco: Letter of Affirmation

Thai EmbassyThe process for marriages in Thailand for Moroccans do change however this was the process last used in Thailand. Note that if you are going to get married in Thailand in an Islamic process then you need to read the section on Muslim Marriages in Thailand for more information.

The marriage registration process starts at the Foreign affairs Ministry in Morocco where you have to go in person to obtain the needed documents which shows that you are single and free to marry. Once you have this document you need to go to the Moroccan Embassy in Bangkok to obtain a ‘freedom to marry’ statement which needs to be completed there. Much like the Swedish marriage process you also need to have two Moroccan witnesses who live in Thailand and are registered with the Embassy who can swear that you are single and also provide their contact details. The process should not take more than 2-3 days if you have all the documents.

Once your ‘letter of affirmation’ is issued you need to have this translated into the Thai language and have the documents certified at the Thai Department of Foreign Affairs in Bangkok. This should take about a day to complete and the Department will stamp your affirmation and documents which then needs to be taken to the District Office in Thailand for registration.

Note that if you are getting married to a non-Muslim that you will need to perform the needed ceremony to have the person converted to Islam. This should not take more than a day to complete after which you can have the traditional Islamic ceremony. The conversion process needs to be arranged with the Bangkok Islamic Centre in Thailand.

The process with a Muslims marriage tends to be complicated so speak to a lawyer in Thailand who will be able to arrange all the needed paperwork and appointments for the Islamic marriage while in Thailand. Note that once the process is complete you can also apply for a visa conversion and convert your current visa into a 12 month marriage visa for Thailand if you are planning on living in Thailand.

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