Thai Embassy in France

The Thai embassy in France is located in the city of Paris. The embassy can issue you a retirement visa if you are looking at retirement in Thailand or a tourist visa if you wish to tour Thailand. You can also apply for a marriage visa if you are married to a Thai. Speak to the staff at the Thai Embassy in Paris if you are not sure as to which visa to obtain. If you are a Thai citizen you can also apply for a new Thai passport in Paris or register your marriage or child born in France.

The contact details for the embassy and a map to the Thai embassy in France is listed below with their office hours.

Embassy of Thailand in Paris

Thai Embassy in France
Thai Embassy in France
Address : 8 rue Greuze 75116 Paris.
Tel.: 01 56 26 50 50.
Fax: 01 56 26 04 45.
Hours : Monday – Friday 9h30 – 12h30 / 14h30 – 17h30.
Métro ligne 6 ou 9 : Trocadéro sortie 4 : Avenue Georges Mandel Bus ligne 63


Honorary Consul in France and Monaco.

Bay city Marseille (13 – Bouches-du-Rhône).
Consulat Général Honoraire de Thaïlande à Marseille.
8, rue Cargo Rhin Fidelity.
Tel: 04 91 21 61 05.
Fax: 04 95 05 47 01.
Hours: Mon, Wed, Fri 8h30-11h30.
Consul Général Honoraire: M. Francis BIGET.


Lyons Township (69 – Rhône).
Consulat Honoraire de Thaïlande à Lyon.
40, rue du Plat.
69002 LYON.
Tel: 04 78 37 16 58.
Fax: 04 78 37 16 58.
Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Friday 09h00-11h00.
Consul Honoraire: Comte Frédéric de GANAY.


Monaco (Principauté de Monaco).
Consulat Honoraire de Thaïlande à Monaco.
2, avenue de la Madone.
MC 98000 MONACO.
Tel: (00 377) 93 30 94 94 Fax: (00 377) 93 30 95 95.
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10h00-12h00.
Consul Honoraire: M. le Dr Jean-Claude MOUROU.


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