Thai passport visa free countries

Thai EmbassyThe Thailand passport visa free countries tells you which countries allow a Thai national to enter without a visa. These 29 countries are listed below which allows you to visit the country without the need for a visa application. Some of these countries are for short entry and other for longer entry. You can always email the Thai Embassy in the country to double check again.

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Thai Embassy in Europe

Thai EmbassyThese are the most common Thai Embassy in Europe. You will note that those in Europe will be much like the Thai Embassies in Asia as they will need to see 400,000 THB in a Thai bank account before they issue you a 3 month marriage visa. The same will be with the retirement visa for Thailand. The Thai Embassies in Europe have become very strict. The visa from the Thai Embassy in Hull has now been moved to the Thai Embassy in London. These are some of the Thai Embassy in Europe.

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